Ocean Container ships from China are significant emitters of pollution, a solution is available

Ocean Container ships from China are huge polluters according to a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, a USA environmental advocacy group. Asia Coal Catalyst Company's CC-88 reduces emissions from ships burning bunker oil.
ocean container vessel smoke
ocean container vessel smoke
HONG KONG, China - Oct. 30, 2014 - PRLog -- China is busy fighting a war on pollution but will need to focus efforts to stem pollution coming for the smokestacks of ocean container shipping vessels burning heavy bunker oil.

Most ships in Chinese ports are using cheap but heavily polluting bunker fuel oil for powering their ships because its the cheapest fuel but new attention is being brought to reducing polluted air spanning across seaports and shipping lanes.

As world economies grow there are more products to ship, so the ships get bigger and theres more of them, the air pollution gets worse.

I read a staggering statistic which indicated that 16 of the world’s largest ships produce as much sulphur pollution as all the world’s cars on the road combined.

To grasp the scope of ocean vessel pollution problem look at China, a leading supplier of all of the worlds manufactured products and a leading exporter - mostly using ocean container shipping vessels.

It is important to note that 7 out of 10 of the work's largest seaports are located in China and 25% of the planet's ocean cargo goes through China. With so much ocean freight moving through China's waterways its no surprise that large coastal cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen are suffering from serious air pollution issue impacting the health of millions.

It is not widely known that ocean shipping container vessels are very polluting, unless you live near a busy seaport. The ocean going container ships burning heavy bunker fuel with very high sulfur levels pollute heavily.

Sulfur contained in bunker oil is as much as 100 to 3,500 times greater than sulfur permitted in oil burned in on-road diesel trucks. It came as a huge surpise that a single container ship might emits diesel pollution equal 500,000 modern diesel trucks in a single day, according to NRDC report.

Why are ships so polluting? Ocean container ships have been loosely regulated unlike coal fired power stations or cars. Until now ocean container ships have had permission to burn cheap, high sulfur bunker oil. Bunker oil ak.a. waste oil is thick residues wastes left over from refining crude oil after the lighter oils are extracted.

Heavy bunker oil is  a very dirty oil which is heavily polluting, fortunately our company offers a solution.

CC‐88 is a dry granular combustion catalyst which promotes more rapid and complete combustion. CC‐88 reduces the emissions of SOx, NOx CO, Ozone and Airborne Particulate (PM10 & PM2.5).

CC‐88 has proven effective on marine boilers burning heavy bunker oil. CC-88 combustion catalyst has been used successfully aboard ships burning Bunker Oil in the USA, even aboard USA Navy Vessels.

CC-88 will eliminate marine oil furnace problems of higher LOI (carbon‐in‐ash) that reduce boiler efficiency and cause unnecessary smoking. CC‐88 directly addresses problems with PM emissions, slagging, fouling and plugging and reduces boiler operating maintenance costs by promoting much cleaner heat transfer surfaces inside the boiler. CC-88 has proven to eliminate problems burning heavy bunker fuel oils that are high in sulfur and leave a trail of fine PM soot, ozone, NOx and SOx  trailing behind.

Working as a combustion catalyst CC-88 promotes more rapid and complete combustion, reducing unburned carbon (UBC) - carbon carry-over in the flue gases. CC-88 actually lowers the ignition temperature of the heavy bunker oil which helps the heavy oil ignite faster and burn more completely.

CC-88 enables the more complete heat release using more heat energy, i.e. producing more tonnes of steam / per tonnes of heavy bunker oil burned; this equals fuel savings and less CO2 emissions.

CC-88 delivers positive economic return on investment through major fuel savings; reduced boiler maintenance equipment costs and significant air pollution reductions.

Please contact us for more information about how CC-88 can reduce pollution using heavy bunker oil in ocean container ships.

Visit: http://www.coalcatalyst.com

Evan W. Lipstein

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