How to Enter The North American Market with Software-based Solutions

At the TBK Consult Synergy Conference for independent management consultants in Lisbon 12-14 November 2014, Pamela Campagna will present business development frameworks to help software companies get access to the North American market.
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Pamela Campagna, BLUE SAGE Consulting
Pamela Campagna, BLUE SAGE Consulting
COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Oct. 21, 2014 - PRLog -- North America is the largest market for software products and services in the world. Canada and the USA represent 40% of the global demand (2013) according to the BECH index¹. The North American share of the global market share has increased 5% from 2012 to 2013.

No software company, irrespective of their origin, can achieve global market leadership without obtaining a solid position in North America. However, North America is also the most competitive, demanding and difficult market in the world.

In order to help software companies with “crossing the chasm” in North America, TBK Consult has engaged Pamela Campagna as an Affiliate Professional.

“Whether a software company is considering the North American market or has already started to “test the waters”, they can benefit from the TBK Consult Business Development Services”, says Pamela Campagna. “Our network of North American marketing, sales and product development professionals all have solid operational experience working in the software industry on a global scale. We can help newcomers navigate the difficult waters of the biggest market in the world.”

With associates in Paris (France), Toronto (Canada), San Jose (Silicon Valley) and New York, her Boston-based team supports the bootstrapping and bridgehead phases of an engagement with market opportunity analysis and market assessments to map the competitive landscape.  She also assists in securing the first North American resellers, prospects and reference customers.

When the time comes to execute and optimize the business development plan, Pamela taps into her associates in the Global Marketing Collective to create Customer Value Propositions, messaging and sales, social media and marketing tools that will resonate with the North American market.

Pamela will join the TBK Consult Synergy Conference2 in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2014 where she will moderate a session on “Entering the North American Market.” In this session, Pamela will review the approach and the services that she and her team can provide which support the TBK Consult business development methodology.

“We are excited that Pamela is joining our conference in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2014”, says Hans Peter Bech, CEO of TBK Consult. “No software company can ignore the North American market in the long run, but for most non-American companies it appears as a challenge in the same league as climbing Mount Everest. With Pamela and her team we now have the “Sherpas” in place to make sure that our clients make it to the Summit and back again alive.”

Pamela Campagna is the principal of BLUE SAGE Consulting, Inc. Before starting her consulting business she was a software executive and also an adjunct Professor at the Boston College, Carroll School of Management, Northeastern and Boston University.

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