Going Global on a Shoestring - Global Expansion in the Software Industry on a Small Budget

The value of a software company increases substantially when it can demonstrate a globally scalable business model. The sooner you can get global traction the more you are protected against competitive pressure. However, winning international customers can be both expensive and risky. With his new book, Going Global on a Shoestring, Hans Peter Bech shares tips and tricks for how to enter the international markets on small budgets and in ways where you don't have to bet the farm.
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Going Global on a Shoestring
Going Global on a Shoestring
COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Sept. 2, 2020 - PRLog -- The book will help small B2B software companies (with a staff of between 20 and 200 people) find ways to adjust and make their business model work in foreign markets.

By March 2020 when the manuscript was well underway, a pandemic suddenly hit us. How do you go global on a shoestring when borders close, airlines stop operating, global supply chains break down, the economy falls like a stone, and you need to wear a face mask when going out?

Indeed, some activities have temporarily been rendered impossible, but others have changed for the better. The book explains how the Covid-19 pandemic has moved the thresholds in your favour. Suddenly you can accomplish much more without meeting people in person. Some of these thresholds have moved permanently, while others will swing back when we have the virus behind us.

About the author
Hans Peter Bech is a bestselling author and a frequent blogger on how to make information technology companies become global market leaders. He has produced numerous books, papers, podcasts and videos on international business development in the IT industry. Hans Peter is also a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and an advisor for governments and companies. He holds a M.Sc. in macroeconomics and political science from the University of Copenhagen.

What others say about the book
Winning customers abroad is the dream of any software entrepreneur. Finally, there is a book that is directing this journey practically and in a straightforward manner. By using the principles presented, more software products can find more customers worldwide.
- Gönül Kamali, Chairman at YASAD, The Turkish Software Industry Association, Istanbul, Turkey

Having an innovative product is a good start, but it doesn't always make customers beat a path to your door. Hans Peter's book is a toolbox with hacks that can produce great results for the small software company that has a great product, but not the deep pockets required for traditional marketing and sales.
- Gregorio Navarro, CEO at Wepall, software for robots, Murcia, Spain.

Business development is not a synonym for sales. That is especially true in an international context. This book provides the framework for how smaller software companies can exploit the global potential of their products faster and without making the huge investments required by the traditional approaches.
- Allan Martinson, CEO at XOLO, the virtual business platform, Tallinn Estonia

Regardless of the business or industry that you're in, the global marketplace will always be larger than the domestic one. This book provides a framework and simple-to-implement tips for software companies with limited budgets to take advantage of their global potential with strategies such as thought leadership development.
- Pamela Campagna, professor at Hult International Business School, Cambridge, Mass., USA

More information
Going Global on a Shoestring - Global Expansion in the Software Industry on a Small Budget
Author: Hans Peter Bech
Foreword: Marylou Tyler
Number of pages: 392
Publisher: TBK Publishing®
Publication date: 1 September 2020
ISBN: 978-87-93116-28-3 (print), 978-87-93116-29-0 (e-book)
Availability: Amazon, other book portals and your local bookstore.


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