Soliciting and Trespassing Bail Bonds Don't Need to be Impossible

Solicitation or prostitution arrestees have an easier option for getting out of jail and saving money.
LAS VEGAS - July 1, 2014 - PRLog -- In the typical arrest of someone engaging in prostition the man or woman arrested will be booked and incarcerated with a $1,000 bail bond amount (cash or surety bail to be precise).  While Nevada does mandate 15% premium to be paid to bail out a loved one through a licensed NV bail bonds agent, few would ever consider posting a bond in this scenario for a mere $150.  First off there is always a $50 filing fee when posting bond at the Clark County Detention Center, so that total usually creeps up to $200 off the bat.  In addition, most bail bonding companies want $1,000 cash collateral (refundable though) in order to do such a bond.

That collateral is refundable but only after the case is completed or the bail bonds agency's bond is exonerated (declared null and void by the court).  But with that scenario, most folks would be better off just paying the full $1,000 at the jail.  That is not the case at A Hope Bail Bonds Las Vegas.

Here we can often do the bail bonds for as little as $700.  $150 is the premium, $50 is for the court filing fee, and the remaining refundable $500 is held until the bail is exonerated.  Assuming a qualified, local, and working co-signer vouches for the defendant, we can help.


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