Wombs Waiting and Wombs Wanted is accepting profiles from Embryo Donors

Embryo Donor's profiles will be posted to our website free of charge and can be viewed free of charge.
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CYPRESS, Texas - July 2, 2014 - PRLog -- Wombs Waiting and Wombs Wanted are accepting profiles from Embryo Donors.

There is NO charge for donors wishing to post a profile or to view the profiles of recipients. Just as you would not be charged a fee in a traditional adoption. If you are successful in making a match, we do ask that you share your experience with us, so that we may share your story with others.

In order to have a profile posted on our website, you first need to subscribe for membership. Please select the link "Registration Information Here" on most of our web pages or go to the following link to register.


You will never need to sign in on our site. Once you find a recipient that you are interested in, simply email us with the profile number and the contact information will be forwarded to you and the recipient usually within 24-48 hours. From that point forward you will communicate directly with one another.

Many times during when a couple goes thru the IVF procedure, more embryos may be created than will ever be used. When the individuals involved have determined that they have completed their family and will not use the additional embryos themselves; they are faced with the challenge of what to do with them.

Depending on their state where they reside and the policies of the clinic used, their options are:  Continue to pay for storage and maintain them, Thaw and don’t use (or transfer in a way that is unlikely or impossible to result in  pregnancy),Donate them to scientific research, Donate them (embryo donation) to a couple who is having trouble conceiving due to fertility issues.

Now with Embryo Donation, you can have the opportunity to conceive by the donation of embryo, thanks to another couple that understands the difficult journey that you have been on.

Your profile will be posted usually within 24-48 hours once it has been reviewed by us.

Website for posting profiles of couples looking to donate embryos and couples looking to receive embryos. The couples that are donating have embryos left from IVF and the couples that are looking to adopt have infertility problems.

For more information visit, http://www.wombswaitingandwombswanted.com

About the company: Wombs Waiting and Wombs Wanted is a company that was started to help couples find a solution for wanting a child thru embryo donations.  It is a web based platform where couples can post their profiles.

Wombs Waiting and Wombs Wanted is not like other "agencies" you may find. First, we do not charge you thousands of dollars to find embryos for you. Second, we do not do any matching ourselves. It is our belief that donating and receiving couples should be able to take the lead in finding their own match. We feel that you will know your match when you see it. In addition, we also feel that it should be up to each party to work out the terms and conditions of their individual donations.

Wombs Waiting and Wombs Wanted

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