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The Update: New forms for a vast array of design solutions to create our new form vocabularies
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NEW YORK - June 19, 2014 - PRLog -- Renaissance’: New forms for an emerging environmental vision.  By Herb Bennett copyright 6.3.14

What can a new vocabulary of three dimensional forms do for the world? Our normal intelligence informs us that the world of physical form is fixed. Our capacity to visualize extending our current creative language that we can use to re-create our entire world is outrageous and unbelievable.  Form iss ‘visual frozen music’ following the flavors of rhythms where the notes are various forms in increasing and decreasing sizes within distinct families and types going in many directions of use and function’ applications to support human life while we try to coexist with mother earth, the forces and the results of our disregard for the knowledge necessary to educate ourselves to maintain human life. The right form at the right scale created with the right materials all harmonizing with nature’s symmetry laws and forces is able to protect, nurture and enable people to grow.

Once we have this natural principle of our natural and inherent freedom in the context of our birth we might have a chance to survive.  We compete in a world where the social, economic and cultural forces are exploited to benefit the culture production, capital and information all rolled into one powerful ‘bubble’ we call the establishment. Who controls the bubble controls the gold. The bubble is a sphere; a symbol in the language of form, architecture design, engineering, the cells of our bodies are close packing of bubbles or spheres that are constantly evolving in time cycles with the number seven. Here again the scale of the spheres used as the metaphor or the physical structure of containerization is power-full.

What would the world be like if the only form we knew and used was a sphere. We live in spheres, our cars are spheres, and our sphere fashion would be fun.You get the picture. Different situations and realities determine the appropriateness of the physiology, psychology and the spirit or energy of the expressions art-iculated into ‘form’. US patent processes offer some semblance of control or protection for inventions. It is the biggest ‘bank’ in the world like many other institutions that contain the cultural the wealth of its people. It is the cultural capital of  intellectual properties created by a new vocabulary of form with all the applications, industries and expressions?

That one individual is able to propose and present an original idea to the world is a myth.The ‘a priori’ conditions and the genetic encoding that formed the individual’s personality, vision, desires etc. contributed to their becoming. They were not alone. The web of creative consciousness that we are all spun into is a nurturing and caring form that directs our passion, our talents and choices we make towards our becoming. We are by no stretch of the imagination alone.

What’s the purpose? What’s the story? What’s the objective to this all. Why, when, how and where we express our becoming is the next step. Why do we define ourselves by transferring our power to things and not our deeper selves and inner qualities? I am an architect, an artist, specifically a painter, sculpture, Industrial Designer who makes things. All these trades and occupations use their names to describe me. We are put into mentally hardened categories that are limiting. A word or a name has power. Relevance is relevant says Yogi. What happens to that individual who has creative ideas to ‘drop’ on the planet and does not have the means to exploit it and be able to impact other peoples’ lives? Can you spell frustration?

Until you break the code of your multiplicity that comes against the mindset of single mindedness or the ‘do one thing and do it well’ syndrome you are royally screwed. This phenomenon was called being ‘Renaissance’ or the Renaissance man, but not the woman. I declare myself the last surviving Renaissance Man. My Renaissance starts with a new Non-Euclidean vocabulary of forms that will define a new world view with all the possible form applications to create the aesthetic, cultural and economic realities to support human life and freedom. My vision defines New Architectural and Industrial Designs for Evolving Communities offering social and economic solutions for healthy living and wealth building. Developing real property by real estate investing in new developments and acquisitions of existing properties using state of the arts strategies, technologies and creative capital is an extension of a critical transforming “Architecture” that is evolving in this economic climate”.

Exploring the state of the art in technologies related to energy conservation and generation systems and engineering solutions along with materials that can complement the design processes from each discipline is meant to support the total creative and production vision. The answer to the question, what can three-dimensional forms do for the world, now becomes the motivation and inspiration for all we do paying it forward as we go with our futuristic vision. We may not set all the wheels of this bus in motion in my lifetime, but we will set the stage for new passengers and operators to get on board in the same accord grown from the seeds we plant now.

Paying attention comes with a price we can all afford. It costs us nothing. It is ‘becoming’ and has been quite expensive. Have you been paying attention to megatrends that cause cultural shifts from generalization to specialization or from ‘one of’ type production to systematized modularization and containerization. Modular thinking is being incorporated into the automobile, ship and aircraft building industries. They inspire other industries responsible for creating safe, economical and beautiful shelter to replace the toxic homes and environments we all now occupy. Instead of being concerned with parallel universes we can focus on building parallel cities like the Chinese are doing and move away from congested overburdened infrastructures that are too complex and expensive to maintain.

New forms bring with them a new mentality of renewed vitality to recharge humanity. It’s nature giving us a second chance. This does not come around too often. Please pay attention to this intention being shared to build a better future.

Architects, Engineers, Designers Create and build the real estate product that feeds the property funnels that over time become obsolete and harmful to us and our environment.This is the path to the growth of our profession as entrepreneurs and service providers simultaneously. We will have a much better understanding of our responsibilities. A closer alliance with creative disciplines will foster a better working relationship as one other outcome of a ‘Renaissance’ based on new forms to share our visions.

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