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Design principles and Ideas are transformed into vocabularies of newly invented curved geometric forms and design solutions for the artificial and natural environment to expand human consciousness as we embrace the changing paradigm we are part of.
 Natural Non-Euclidean Forms
Natural Non-Euclidean Forms
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BROOKLYN, N.Y. - May 7, 2014 - PRLog -- Time exists when we create objects that look different or when thoughts and behaviors change in different time frames or periods. We call these changes of views and habits paradigms. They occur in thousands of years and can be profound. Creating objects is the realm of the arts. Habits are our response to needs that are satisfied to protect us and grow. Architecture and Art are the two major disciplines that define our needs. They help us define our views and behaviors. We are in a period where we can definitely experience profound changes in our lives. We start with the wisdom traditions and ancient civilization as evidence of cataclysmic changes. The ‘plastic’ arts and the sciences create and test the physical properties of matter, energy and all that's needed to survive and to create the support systems. Artists develop and use their emotional, visual and aesthetic intelligences to echo the intelligence of the universe and nature. We create our environments artifacts, products and rituals to support our lifestyles and the environment. The environment supports us and we in turn must support it.

Technology has exploded in the last 100 years and will continue. Is this evidence of a changing paradigm? I say it is undoubtedly so. Have we really internalized this dynamic to think about our relationship to its occurrence and it to us? Is this change a function of our vision and our mind at work without our knowing or out another way with most of us being "unconscious" of the cause of the progress and the change and our responsibility for or to it? Not knowing what's happening with this magnificent mystery that's life and the universe that we are connected to, is an irresponsible and rude option. It's going to someone's home, putting your feet on their sofa and throwing your trash on the floor. Becoming conscious and curious about the world is a creative prerequisite, not just for the arts but, for living. Expand the definition of 'ART' to include all doing and making that meets human needs.

Knowing how to create or live starts with responding to impulses and needs through imagination, reality testing the thought or idea by sharing it with others with the love of it to be compelling for it to be shared when it is made with the appropriate materials with the right aesthetic looks and behaviors, roughly speaking. The deeper metaphysical psychological and spiritual processes are supporting the making of the thing. It requires a form, a home to protect the working parts and mechanisms. We have gone from cupped hand to gourds and clay vessels, to class and metal containers, wood plastic and paper.  Each discipline aligns with the respective need buildings require architects and material suppliers and builders as we follow the complete matric of functions and uses that supports life. The role of the arts is essential, transcendental and ubiquitous, you might say, as is that of the architect. These two are chosen to present this paradigm conversation. The essence of art is the introduction of the spiritual flavors to animate or to adding energy to the soul of the physical or living container, thing or being. Forms are based on the geometry we understand and the materials that can be transformed to represent them. The Euclidean has been the classical language for the manmade world. We have cubes for houses, packaging products and other products, appliances and products. Curious folks who care about the world and how nature works have their various skill sets that they use to extract nature's secrets form her. Euclid is a geometer who brought us his Euclidean interpretation of geometry and space. Three other suspects showed up later to challenge his fifth postulate dealing with parallel line and whether they met at infinity or not. Gauss, Riemann, Bolayi and Lobachevski are the characters in the Non-Euclidean play on the form, space time continuum.

These are the in between elements that other geniuses left out that those in the future paradigms fill in when their consciousness expands and the universe offers the corroboration. What is significant is that no one bothered to interpret these Non-Euclidean concepts into three dimensional forms. Leaps of logic flashes of insight intuitions, abstract thinking are any good dreamers gifts. If you rare good at using them you can be able to Understand universal principles and natural law without the cumbersome mathematics that get in the way sometimes. Architectural drafting use to be done by hand. It involved lots of geometry. I must have drawn millions of miles of straight lines in my time. There’s something about the hand mind coordination that is just magical. It opens the brain up and your imagination becomes enhanced. The idea of interstitial space, the gaps between circles and spheres always interested me. I remember the day I made the discovery of my life when I found the elements of the forms that I would invent based on my interpretation the Non-Euclidean form vocabulary I patented. Another occasion was at a restaurant with a soda fountain conical paper cup that I was folding and tripping off into space when I realized that I had transformed the cone into the ‘seed’ of my previous invention almost three years earlier. These gifts take a long time to get to you. They often come when you are not looking for them. This is now the premise for my life's work transforming space into a curved consistently repeatable systems at all scales and for as many applications I can create to make the world a slightly more beautiful and better place.

The digital explosion is redefining our creative expressions and designs causing disciplines like art (the spiritual), architecture (the psychological), and engineering (the physical) to reinvent themselves. Our future is emerging with new attitudes, design perspectives, materials and technologies that must be more inclusive of the various forms of creative expressions through the arts, as it once did. ‘Architecture once thought of as the Mother of the Arts’ comes full circle. We have developed a visual intelligence we infuse into our design solutions inspired by the innovative materials and smart technologies supported by building systems industries. As “the dream mechanics”, we express a wider perspective of our profession to begin impacting the world now unlike any other time in history. We interpret changing paradigms to live our lives efficiently and comfortably.

Herb Bennett
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