New English A-level could include Russell Brand. The Ixl Company discusses ‘new age’ exams

Those taking a new English A-level may be asked to study a UK comedian, Russell Brand, and his evidence to a group of MP’s about drug addiction and treatment, one of the ideas being put forward for A-levels. The Ixl Company investigates
CANARY WHARF, U.K. - May 7, 2014 - PRLog -- The course, including interviews with Dizzee Rascal, a UK musician and Russell Brand’s evidence to MP’s regarding drug addiction and treatment, is being submitted to Ofqual exam regulator for approval. “I cannot say I am shocked by hearing this news, it is about time that exams were brought up to date with the century we live in, we are in 2000 and as much as I value the traditional history and literature, it is getting more and more difficult for teens to relate to what they study in English Literature as the world and its media have come so far since the likes and days of William Blake” says Emma, receptionist of The Ixl Company. Of course it won’t be any random celebrity and their tweets thrown together and called an exam, the new A-levels will be reviewed to ensure they are as ‘high quality’ as any previous exam, and is a part of a government overhaul due to be introduced into schools next year.

It is not just interviews and governmental evidence that will be reviewed, tweets, transcripts and memoirs are all suggested as part of the new A-level exams set to start next year, rather than the traditional Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson as a foundation. “Of course it was bound to happen that exams are regenerated and given an over haul, however it does concern me that these poets, novelists and historical ‘celebrities’ may be lost in the up and coming generations. If it wasn’t for my A-levels I may have never heard of any of the names that I studied, and as a huge part of British history it would be a shame if the new generations were oblivious or not fully educated about them, everyone I speak to, whether 18 or 48 can all have one thing in common, who they studied at A-levels, it would be sad to lose that bridge between generations” says Sam Mouden, Managing Director of The Ixl Company.

The new A-levels are set to be the most diverse yet including students being able to look at ideas such as audience, purpose, dramatic techniques and form. Organisations have said the idea is for the course to teach students to ‘develop skills to analyse text’ in all shape and forms and that this is the most ‘diverse of any A-level’. “It will hopefully create an amazing result, and should make English Literature more valuable as a qualification as it shows the student has studied and can understand ‘modern’ text that would be used more frequently today in university as well as in employment” says Emma, Receptionist at The Ixl Company.

In no way has a firm decision been made regarding the go ahead of the new A-levels, but many wait for the result with much excitement to a new era of English Literature.

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