The Ixl Company discuss how ‘thinking outside the box’ can bag you that job interview

On a daily basis thousands of job seekers hit the ‘apply’ button of a job for that much needed interview or job. The Ixl Company look at different ways job seekers are attracting employer's
CANARY WHARF, U.K. - Aug. 21, 2014 - PRLog -- Recently, it was reported that a young graduate spent a day in central London handing out his CV to business men and women going to and from work in hope of gaining an interview. Not only did he hand out hundreds of CV’s, got great contacts and attention from businessmen and woman, managers, recruiters and company owners, but he also bagged an interview for a dream job. “It goes to show that thinking outside the box really works, not just because it shows that a person is inventive but that they are confident with great presentation and communication skills as well as showing extreme drive to get what they want and reach their goals, it is no surprise that the graduate got a job interview as I think most employers would consider him for pure confidence and strategy alone” says Sam Mouden, managing Director of The Ixl Company, Canary Wharf.

Not only has this graduate sparked a media storm, but he also encouraged many other individuals to do the same thing, and some even more drastic ideas. It has been widely reported that since the graduate first hit headlines a month ago by handing out CV’s in London’s busiest tube station Bank, as well as Waterloo and other Central locations, many have followed by holding posters and handing out CV’s in stations and public areas full of business people. “It’s great, I think it has made many realise that a job won’t necessarily just come to you, you have to show you are determined, and no matter how great your CV looks, nothing beats showing with your actions instead of just words that you are serious about your career and bagging that interview” says Emma Clarkson, receptionist at The Ixl Company, Canary Wharf.

It is not just ‘busking’ at stations with a CV that job seekers are doing to get a job interview. Another article showed a huge advertisement in the city, paid for by a graduate looking for work stating ‘I used my last £500 to put up this advert. Please give me a job’ alongside his picture and other contact details “It is great what people are thinking of doing to get interviews and jobs. It makes those that are hard workers and out of the box thinkers stand out, and if that is criteria of certain roles and openings then no wonder employers are offering interviews and opportunities to these graduates!” says Sam Mouden, Managing Director of The Ixl Company, Canary Wharf.

The new advice given to help get an interview has not suddenly changed to ‘ go stand in a station with your CV’ but it certainly has given other graduates and jobseekers the ideas and motivation to stand out and get that dream job before someone else does.

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