The Ixl Company review brand new iPhone Watch and handsets

Apple has revealed a smart watch – the Apple Watch – and two new handsets – The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+. The Ixl Company based in the finance hub Canary Wharf, review the new products.
CANARY WHARF, U.K. - Sept. 11, 2014 - PRLog -- Apple has revealed a smartwatch – the Apple Watch – and two new handsets – The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+. The Ixl Company based in the finance hub Canary Wharf, review the new products.

The Apple Watch is the first new product line since the iPad and the death of its co-founder Steve Jobs. The watch not only tells the time, but is linked to and can communicate with the iPhone, runs apps and even acts as a health and fitness tracker. “Competition for handsets, phone and network providers and accessories that come along with them is so high at the moment, and has been for a while with such big names getting involved. The on-going debate of which handset is best, iPhones, Blackberries, androids etc is bigger than ever and I think Apple have come in at a good time to up their game and make a campaign in the mobile market” says Sam Mouden, managing director of The Ixl Company, South Quay.

Not only have Apple released The Apple Watch – 2 new handsets have also been unveiled. The new iPhones range between 4.7in and 5.5in keeping up with sizes of other android handsets, one of iPhones biggest competitors, by increasing screen size which is very popular at the moment. “When i got my recent upgrade, I opted for a handset with a larger screen; it makes everything easier from emails, spreadsheets and working out of office to the fun stuff like games and movies. I think iPhone have made the right move increasing the size of their handsets as it should stop people migrating to android handsets and sticking with apple products, which is what they need” says Emma, HR manager at The Ixl Company based in South Quay. According to statistics, Apple saw its global share of smart phone shipments drop almost 2%, at the same time that Android’s grew, and so a few changes were in need.

In 2010, Apple justified their smaller 3.5in and 4in screens, and according to reports almost went as far to say that ‘nobody would buy a handset that needs two hands to use’. However, the market is developing and it appeared that people were looking for what they called ‘phablets’ a handset that was bigger than a phone but not as large as a tablet. Initially it seemed Apple didn’t feel the need to conform, however with increasing demand, a larger screen is one of the new handsets most noticeable features.

Apple is far from the ‘cheapest’ brand on the market and certainly do not focus too much on price as part of their branding. The Apple Watch is more expensive than other brands currently available. “I think with Apple, they can justify slightly higher prices as they are a trusted brand, with any phone there is always something a few poeple complain about, but majority of the time it is only good reviews that you hear from people that use Apple, and stick to them. Most people I have spoken with believe you pay for the quality, compared to some newer or up and coming brands that are still earning their stripes and need to keep costs low to gain new customers” says Emma, HR Manager at The Ixl Company, South Quay.

Are you an Apple fan? Many dedicated fans will be queuing up for hours outside stores to get their hands on the new handsets, for some Apple is the only option. Whichever side your on, it is obvious that competition is high.

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