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March 4, 2014 - PRLog -- Many people often ask me ‘Do you follow Google’s algorithm?’, ‘Can you break the algorithm?’

Many of my SME clients ask ‘How can we track Google algorithm? We always run short of resources. It’s really a pain nowadays to maintain a website as per Google standard ’

I simply tell them:

1.        ‘I don’t know Google’s algorithm but certainly I can predict the logic and aims behind those algorithm!’

2.       Do you avoid stealing because there is a law against it? Or Do you avoid it because you know it’s unethical?’

3.       Have you taken a little pain in understanding Google? Or you just are reiterating what a SEO guy has told you?

Is it so simple? Yes. To me it’s that simple!

For many years SEO industry has complicated Google more than required. They have successfully implanted a fear factor in the minds of their clients because of their self interest.

But ironically, Google has always tried to come close to the ‘netizens’ through its friendly algorithms, to provide them relevant meaningful results.

Before understanding Google let’s understand our societal structure a little bit.

There will be always 6 types of people (as per legal angle) in our society :

1.       The Law makers – those who’ll always try to formulate new laws and amend older ones for better functioning of the society.

2.       The Police – those who’ll try to protect the laws and penalise those who don’t follow it.

3.       The foolish or desperate Law breakers, who’ll be caught one day or other- It’s just a matter of time.

4.       The shrewd Law breakers – those who’ll always try to find loopholes in the existing laws and will take help of professional attorneys.

5.       The law fearing citizens- those who’ll avoid crimes due to fear from Laws.

6.       The ethical, honest citizens – those who know Law is a subset of Ethics. They follow the bigger map!

Now my question is, ‘To which category do you belong?’

It’s always advisable and time-tested that if you belong to 6th category you don’t need to be concerned about existing laws and legal system. You’ll always strive for betterment of yourself and others.

Now let’s understand what Google is for ‘netizens’

Google, having a somewhat monopoly with 85-90% searchers on web, is playing a dual role of ‘Lawmaker’ & ‘Police’.

So, is Google making laws according to its whims and fancies?

No!! It can’t do that. It’ll loose it’s business and revenue if it loses customers like any other profit making organisation.

So what do it’s Laws aim to establish ?

1.       Providing meaning and relevant search result to the audience.

2.       It’ll also try to make money from it because it’s not a charitable organisation.

3.       Customer satisfaction and retention, like any other business houses.

So, how do Google interprets  the factor of customer satisfaction?

Google also needs information and knowledge before forming it’s logic or algorithm. What is the logic behind?

To understand the logic behind let’s get a rough idea of ‘Marketing 3.0’ formulated by famous Marketing guru Philip Kotler.

What is Marketing 3.0?

Marketing 3.0 is all about Participative & Collaborative Marketing. One of the key points of Marketing 3.0 is inviting consumers to participate in the company's development of products and communications. It talks about integration of Marketing and Values.

Out of 10 concluding points of Marketing 3.0, I’m highlighting 5, which have got a direct influence on Google’s algorithm changes.

1.     Customers are diverse; valwy go first to those who can benefit most from you

2.     Always make yourself available, spread the good news

3.     Guard your name, be clear about who you are

4.     Be sensitive to change, be ready to transform

5.     Love you customers, respect your competitors.

So, am I successful to show you the light at the end of tunnel?

Not yet!

Ok, let me interpret it in terms of SEO and content strategy to become Google’ favourite.

1.     Build up meaningful, relevant content which will help your audience – Check your bounce rates.

2.     Please get out of the mode of using your website as some sort of Internet poster which will just advertise you and will talk only about you.

3.     Be interactive with your visitors. Let them share their feelings, their feedbacks.

4.     Give free meaningful stuffs to download, articles to read, blogs to participate.

5.     Update your content with regular, meaningful, helpful updates.

6.     Choose your friends (inbound links) wisely. A person is judged by quality of his friends. It’s advisable to have inbound links whose page rank (PR) is greater than 3.

Is that all?

Yes!  Just follow the 6 steps and see the wonders. Google’s algorithms affect 1-5% of websites. The remaining 95-99% always remains unaffected. But unfortunately, most of the SEO professionals will always scare you with complex technical terms and jargons and show you the examples of affected 1-5% website.

But are you a SEO guy? No, you are not! You’ve plenty of works to do. You just need to take a professional help, once when you are setting up your business and leave most of the operations on auto-mode. So, please be careful about selecting your 1st consultant.

A true digital marketing consultant will help you in building your entire road map of your journey with milestones to achieve at different intervals.

My simple mantra: If you stay ethical, you don’t need to be afraid of law! Law will always remain a subset of Ethics.

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