Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander Delight Super Bowl Viewers

Ever wonder what the affect of commercials has on your conscious and unconscious mind or on your energy and your cells? 2014 Super Bowl commercials aired during the Denver Bronco ~ Seattle Sea Hawk game changed you, for better or worse.
By: 100% Healthy 100% You
Jason Alexander, Julie Renee Doering
Jason Alexander, Julie Renee Doering
SAN FRANCISCO - Feb. 3, 2014 - PRLog -- With a newer organic technology referred to Kinesiology we can get a read on what happens to you while viewing a film. When Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander appeared in their familiar roles the viewing audience watching the screen clicked into a deeper level of observation. It was as if old friends had joined our super bowl party and for a moment we entered their world.

So what really happened?  Happy endorphins were released from the brain as the body relaxed into ‘safe chemistry’ which might have been a relief if you had become animated and were shouting at the football players just moment prior.

They shared with you that more ‘Seinfeld’ moments could be had by tuning in to the new show ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The clip rated higher then most of the competing commercials and came in just under 300 at a strong 290.

Between 250 - 300 provideg motivation,use of will  a middle of the road experience to the subconscious  with loss of moral grounding. In other words, although you might not be offended with the conversations, it is not uplifting. Mediocrity is programed into the unconscious mind. Absorbing the energy and attitude of this clip may raise a viewers vibration if they have been entranced by the gladiator battle of the game, but would not serve to uplift or inspire one to make change for the betterment of the self or others.

When you watch television you are under the influence of a powerful hypnotic (visual and auditory influencer). The impact of TV can yield many chemical and spiritual changes in the body as well as changes in mood. Neurotransmitters can shut down, or go into distress; adrenals can start pumping adrenaline, cortisol and other chemicals to help you survive the experience.

Watching a TV, Commercials and Sitcoms is all nourishment for body and being. Whatever you are exposing yourself to be it food or water, bad smells or beautiful aromas, heavy metal or Mozart, violent movies or love stories you are constantly nourishing your being with the experiences you are giving yourself.

Super Bowl Commercials ~ What the Numbers reflect
500 Unconditional love uplifting and life affirming miracles begin to happen in this vibration
450 Happiness, matters of the heart,relationship, positive
400 Possibility,relationship, connection, resolving conflict,  communication
350 Acceptance the threshold of understanding differences
300 Motivation, use of will
Below 300 negative affect on your energy & the programs that direct your unconscious mind
250 Middle of the road,  losing moral ground
200 Courage to battle or overcome, no connection with Divine
150 Selfishness, pride, anger
100 fear, grief, desire, very low under the radar with morals
100 Shame, guilt, dull

·      Coke Multicultural Americans family, unity, diversity and belonging. Scoring high this commercial brought in the higher values and could stimulate positive endorphins, feelings of connection, hope and the feeling of doing better 380

·      Heinz Ketchup If your happy and you know it squeeze. A happy celebration of family enjoying time at a meal outdoors. Uplifting connection stimulates a sense of joyous innocence and memories of picnics and occasions of simple pleasures. Increases dopamine serotonin opiates and stronger neurotransmitter function. 365

·      Kia Luxury Matrix Morpheus, LawrenceFishburne speaks of luxury at is best then breaks into opera. The world of luxury fun uplifting. Although the sense are in the evening so they are dark, the information is elevating and the viewer feels stimulate to hope for more, a better brighter paradise 360

·      Volkswagen every time a Volkswagen gets to100k a factory worker gets their wings.  Cute commercial, delightfully reminds of the fable of the good works of humans who have passed to the other side becoming full-fledged angles and earning their wings. Our memory is touch with happy childhood memories and positive feeling neurotransmitters and good chemistry points our feelings and our mind towards acts goodness. 360

·      HM Underwear David Beckham is sexy and mysterious as the songs careens on “I’m just a soul who’s intentions are good, oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood’. I’m too cool for words, I keep my body fit and tattooed. Not sure if I have morals, but I don’t need it because I live dangerously. The commercial stimulates a sense of narcissism and defiance. Appeals to human animal not human spirit. Lowers endorphins 260

·      Chrysler 200 Bob Dylan is there anything more American then America? Inspiration to the rest of the world Detroit made cars car made America. We believe in the roar, the thrust and pride. Although the audience enjoyed seeing an old favorite it didn’t rate as high as you might expect. The references for how Detroit built America is resonating as untruth and where the constitution might remind us the country is founded on the principles of unity and in one God we trust, the manufactures of Chrysler suggest that the corporation built America.  Attempting to manipulate feelings of pride and defiance it oddly falls short. It neither uplifts, nor inspires but rather informs us of numerous low resonating details. Stimulates a sense of selfishness, rebellion. Lowers the dopamine levels and the sense of aloneness 220

·      Honda Bruce Willis give everyone a big hug. Honda cares about safety. This was a miss in a big way the energy of Bruce Willis played off as weird and freaky. He said hug your family they are not crash dummies, with the music touching on guilt and shame the presentation felt creepy and fake. Lowering the viewers vibration as the body registers a lie. Happy neurotransmitters drop and nothing good or hopeful comes from this. 180

·      Chrysler: Maserati Frightening ~ starts like a horror film. This is a very bad energy. Using a child to stimulate a sense of darkness and fear get ready to fight and terrorize others. Now we strike. When this darkness is played out on the screen, opiates and adrenaline release to help stimulate your chemistry to help you get away from the evil in front of you. Lowers dopamine. Slows down the energy function of chakras 6 (center of head)  and 4 (heart Center)70

·      Audi Sarah McLachlan with the theme that they don’t compromise they seek to entertain with a scary splicing of two dog breeds and a creepy mutant dog that is scary and could literally invoke nightmares as it stimulates a part of the brain that relates to horror.  Thumbs down, not funny, on a core level this is dark, evil and terrorizing. Stimulates fear, adrenaline, opiates and the feeling that you need to get away fast. 60

A disappointing Super Bowl 2014 with the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks. Both the actual game and commercials left viewers disenchanted and uninspired.

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