Robert Walsh’s Pick 4 Lottery System Make And Save Extra Money Sale

Robert Walsh announces Robert Walsh’s Pick 4 Lottery System Make And Save Extra Money Sale to introduce the public to a way to plan and control their financial future.
By: Robert Walsh
CHICAGO - May 3, 2013 - PRLog -- According to Robert Walsh this sale is a triple giving event for non-lottery and lottery playing individuals. It is educational by introducing the cost and potential return on investments that Pick 4 Lottery investments offer to average Americans compared to other money making investments such as Stocks, Precious Metals or Real Estate. It is a way to save money beginning with saving $10 on the purchase price.

This Pick 4 System, Play & Win Daily Pick 4 Big Mega Cash Winning Numbers at, also teaches the purchaser how to make extra money with the proper use of the System and play for free with each new Pick 4 win by dividing the winning monies between the reinvestment money pool for future lottery play and the player’s pocket for his or her own personal needs.  

This Robert Walsh’s Pick 4 Lottery System Make And Save Extra Money Sale begins on Friday, May 3, 2013 at 2:00pm Pacific Daylight Time and ends on Monday, May 13, 2013 at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time.

During these Sale dates investors, lottery players and people who have no other means to create additional income for their future financial plans and who  are interested in discovering the power of this unique investment, save money immediately with the sale price of $10 off the regular everyday low price.

Every year in the United States April 15th is Tax Day.  Every working American reports their total income or earnings from the previous calendar year. Then each citizen pays the State and Federal Government the required taxes after all allowable deductions.

That income tax form mailed to the Internal Revenue Service with the accompanied payment of taxes shows if the person or family has any extra money available to make any investments for future financial planning for personal, college or retirement funds.  

If there is no money left over, then this is a sign that they have a very tight budget and were unable to save any extra money for their future.

Where does a person or family go to make and save extra cash to invest in their future financial goals?  

This is where Robert Walsh's Pick 4 lottery system, Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers, can make the difference for those individuals or families who do not have any other options to create more income each year.

Financial planners and educators like to point out that students who complete their higher education make more money than their high school graduating counterparts in their lifetime, up to a million dollars more.  

Most Americans, who view playing the lottery as gambling, rarely if ever, think about looking to the Pick 4 Lottery as the place where one can go to make investments and make extra money.

Two years ago there was a discourse that compared the similarities and differences between playing the lottery and making investments in stocks, bonds and precious metals. The conclusion was that there was very little difference in playing the lottery and investing on Wall Street.  

Both the Pick 4 Lottery and Wall Street Investments carry similar risks and rewards. The main difference was the social perception that the American people have of a person who was investing their money on Wall Street as being more acceptable and wiser compared to person’s risker gambling on the lottery in any form, despite what the American people have seen with the Enron bankruptcy in November, 2001 and the Wall Street Collapse in October 2008. These two events wiped out millions of Americans’ financial investments for their future.

By purchasing and correctly learning a proven and winning Pick 4 Lottery System, the individual can use this particular lottery game as their investment plan to financially change and increase their yearly income. Gains and losses are controlled by the investor on a per play basis without a major threatening collapse that could completely wipe out all financial invested monies with each small per play investment.

Their successful investments in a lottery system can put them in charge of their own financial plans, whether it is their personal, college or retirement financial planning. Sometimes a proven and winning Pick 4 System can actually cost/save a lot less initial personal capital investment money than Stocks, Real Estate or Precious Metals of Gold and Silver. Generally, a Pick 4 Lottery System ranges in price from less than $50 and up to $300.

In a recent report Kiplinger’s Top 10 Stocks ranged from $27 to $405 per single share with the average share price about $100. The average predicted annual return suggests an 18% return, which means a gain of $18.00 per year.

Real Estate initial purchase price costs range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

Precious Metals, namely gold and silver, are respectively priced per ounce at $1430.00 and $23.11.  Worldwide events will affect the price changes and makes the predicted return on these investments difficult to state.  

Which one of these initial investment costs is within the average American’s budget range to realistically give them an opportunity to make extra money during these current economic times?  

This is what Robert Walsh’s Pick 4 Lottery System Make And Save Extra Money Sale is all about!
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