Nostradamus Predicts The Rise of the Dead: Is the Year of the Zombie Upon Us?

Rise of the Dead is a topic fascinating the public, featured in the media. Nostradamus, considered to be a world leading prophet, predicted 500 years ago, the dead would rise from their graves and this apocalyptic prediction is foretold to be near.
Dec. 2, 2012 - PRLog -- Nostradamus Predicts the Rise of the Dead : Is the Year of the Zombie Upon Us

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Nostradamus is a world renowned seer/ psychic whom many consider to be the greatest prophet of all time. Prior to becoming known as a prophet, Nostradamus had already attained world acclaim as a leading doctor and  healer of his time, saving thousands of lives during the Black Plague with his treatments. Many suggest he used his psychic abilities to develop these remedies.  Unfortunately, he was unable to save his own family, beloved wife and children and imposed a self exile and mysteriously disappeared for years traveling the land.

When he reappeared, Nostradamus created his world renowned literary work, a prophetic masterpiece written in Quatrains that has passed the test of time, being examined by scholars and millions of others for centuries.  This book,  Les Propheties (The Prophecies), the first edition of which appeared in 1555, used a mixture of languages and puzzles to confuse those of his time as he could have been seen as a heretic and killed for his bold predictions.  

Nostradamus  made many predictions that today's  historians, scholars and ordinary everyday people believe to have occurred, documenting the rise of Hitler, Napoleon, the assassination of President Kennedy etc.

One startling prediction foretold by Nostradamus is his impending prediction of the Rise of the Dead. But will this prediction really occur? Since it was written almost five hundred years ago many have attempted to unlock the mystery date of the Resurrection referenced in the Quatrain found In Century 10, Quatrain 74 known by many as The Games of Slaughter:

Century 10, quatrain 74.
An revolu de grand nombre septiesme  -    (English: The year the great seventh number is accomplished)
Apparoistra au temps Jeux d'Hecatombe -  (English: Appearing at the time of the great games of slaughter)
Non esloigne du grand eage milliesme -       (English: Not far from the age of the great millennium)
Que les entres sortiront de leur tombe -     (English: When the dead will come out of their graves)

If we accept for arguments sake, Nostradamus prediction of the above event, in line 4 as factual-The dead coming out of their graves, then our goal in solving the riddle is finding when this date will occur.  But to do so  we need to interpret the first three lines of the Quatrain to determine the year.  This requires unlocking three variables to solve the puzzle.

We will assume for relevance of our inquiry that the great millennium referenced by Nostradamus is actually the calendar year 2000.  Otherwise this prediction has  no Real relevancy to those living today (other than perhaps as future Zombies coming back to life from our graves as most of us will be dead in the next millennia) so we can leave it to future generations if we are wrong.  But accepting calendar year 2000 as the correct date of great millennium,  then we need to find a date not far from this age as indicated by Nostradamus.

Again for purposes of solving this mystery, lets assume that a date would be considered not far from this age if comes within 25 years of 2000, on or before 2025.   We then need to examine two other variables (ie. the year the great seventh number is accomplished and also appearing at the times of the games of slaughter).   Lets examine each.

The most literal interpretation of the great seventh number is accomplished could suggest 2007.  (2000+7 years= 2007).  As that year came and went without the dead rising from their graves to my knowledge, we shall cross off that interpretation. There is another compelling event that the  "great seventh number" was achieved in this calendar year 2012.

So lets re-examine the first line in the  Quatrain (the year the great seventh number is accomplished) and consider this:

The world population of living humans as of today is estimated to be 7.055 billion by the United States Census Bureau  (USCB).[1] The USCB estimates that the world population first exceeded 7 billion humans on March 12, 2012. If we interpret the first line as being the year we first reached 7 billion people, then the great seventh number was first accomplished in our calendar year as of March 2012.

With each passing day, one cannot help but re-examine Nostradamus ominous prediction about the Dead Rising.  As  featured in daily news reports in the media, the public fascination with this subject grows daily.  But is the Rise of the Dead merely fantasy or is it about to become reality?  

2012, appears, to be the year of the Zombie at least in fiction.  From Marathon running Zombie races, to Military training exercises, to books about surviving the Rise of the Dead, to multiple reports in newspapers of flesh eating people ripping off others faces, and now  with a major Motion Picture set to be released with Brad Pitt coming soon called World War Z and the hit tv show The Walking Dead, Zombies seem to be living among us. Vampires have been replaced by the Walking Dead as the new flavor. Clearly, these seem to be fiction.  But is fiction about to meet reality tv?  Is 2012 actually the prophetic date Nostradamus was alluding to.  Accepting the above we still have another variable in line two -appearing at the time of the great games of slaughter.  

Some believe that the recently completed Summer Olympics which occurred in England in 2012 are what is being referred to. If so, we shall see in less than  thirty days  whether the fictional rise of the dead is about to cross over to the realm of reality tv.  But if the games of slaughter are not yet upon us then another date is relevant to this inquiry, one not yet revealed...

In solving the riddle and our fascination with the subject of the Rise of the Dead, we need to look at other historical predictive sources that may shed light on this matter. Nostradamus you see, was not the only one who prophesied the Rise of the Dead.  

There  are other ancient  predictions, from sources that seem to corroborate Nostradamus with the date suggested in the near future.  

In part two of this analysis we will look at these other prophesies referencing an other worldly rain, known as the Dew of Resurrection and an event predictive of a cosmic divide coming soon.
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