Samsung DVD Player Troubleshooting – No Fuss Tricks and Tips for Effective Troubleshooting

There’s no time to waste. Check out these simple tips and tricks for effective Samsung DVD player troubleshooting. After all, sharing is caring!
By: Jerry Gazila
Nov. 25, 2012 - PRLog -- Samsung DVD player troubleshooting is something I do on a rather regular basis. Of course I’m capable of fixing any DVD player brand out there, but as of late, I’ve been getting quite a good deal of Samsung players with the usual problems.

So what are the usual problems? The usual ones are no disc error, non-functioning power supply, no sound, no picture, or both, overvoltage, and dead symptoms. The problems I just mentioned can be fixed with very little fuss, but it does require a bit of experience.

After handling the same problems multiple times, you should be able to get the hang of them. It’s like working on auto-pilot! In any case, if you do want to get up to speed in the art of repairing DVD players, then you want to try reading a comprehensive instruction manual which you can access at

Okay now let’s go over some tips and solutions for repairing Samsung DVD player. Do take note however that the tips and tricks listed below can be applied to other brands as well. After all, every DVD player model contains the very same primary units: a power board, a decoder, and finally, a loader.

Keep an eye on the feedback & regulation circuit…

You should know that if the opto-isolator PC-817 within the circuit gets shorted, then it will stop the entire power supply unit from functioning. What about the internal diode? Yes same thing will happen. Also take note that there’s another vital component in the circuit known as TL431.

When this component shorts, like the PC-817, it keeps the power supply from operating like it’s supposed to. So my advice here is if you’re planning on replacing a troublesome component within the primary side of the power supply, then you might want to take into consideration of replacing the opto-isolator PC-817 as well as the TL431, just to be sure.

Isolating the problem…

Before you begin the process of troubleshooting the power supply, first and foremost, you have to isolate the source of the problem. Problem isolation is really important because you want to figure out beforehand whether the problem could be linked to complications on the load, or only involving the power supply.

Now the nice thing about troubleshooting a DVD player power supply is that you’re allowed to separate the power supply from the load. And you know what; it’s considerably easier and a lot more fun to troubleshoot the power supply and the load independently! It’s a streamlined approach that any electronics technician would appreciate greatly.

Basic Samsung DVD player troubleshooting guide tip…

The basic tip here is to observe the Samsung DVD player’s power board thoroughly. A quick look through isn’t going to cut it! You need to concentrate and be on the lookout for components that look burned. Even a slight burn can cause the whole power board to stop working.

Also take note of the capacitors on the power board. Do you see anything funny about them? Like maybe one or more capacitors look bulkier than normal. If yes, then the affected capacitors have to be replaced as soon as possible. High voltage can cause the capacitors to bulk up, and therefore affecting the power board’s performance.

Troubleshooting the lens tip…

Usually, whenever a no disc error occurs, people are quick to pinpoint the lens as the source of the problem, but I beg to differ. Now, I’m not saying that the lens can’t be responsible for inducing the no disc symptom. Yes, in some cases, the problem is due to the lens.

You see, I’ve been fixing a good deal of Samsung DVD players, LG, Sony, Pioneer…you name it. And most of the time the fault actually lies with other components, such as the spindle motor for instance. The lens component is generally very stable, so I suggest you focus on the lens only when you’re done troubleshooting other components within the loader.

The no-brainer approach to boost your ability to repair DVD players…

Whether you planning on performing a Samsung DVD player troubleshooting, or any other brands, the fact remains that you should be able to solve whatever problems you may face a lot easier and quicker by referencing an instruction manual written by an expert.

Others have succeeded in troubleshooting and fixing various DVD players models via a highly organized and highly detailed repair manual. Now, it’s your turn to succeed, so go to to obtain download details for the repair manual.
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