DVD Player Repairing PDF - Phenomenal Help Has Arrived!

By: Jerry Gazila
CANBERRA, Australia - March 11, 2013 - PRLog -- A while back, I downloaded a DVD player repairing pdf guide and had the shock of my life (well not really, but still a little shocking nonetheless!). You see, the guide in question was filled with garbled instructions and I could hardly understand anything. To make matters worse, there wasn’t a single image or diagram to help me understand things a bit better.

What I wanted was a dvd player repair manual pdf containing tips and instructions presented from a seasoned electronics repairer’s point of view. And what I got instead was a cryptic manual presented by some dude with some serious mental issues!

Anyway, long story short, I tried my luck elsewhere and eventually found a decent guide on how to fix a DVD player. Now this guide is the real deal because it has well written instructions, photos, and was written by a professional electronics engineer who goes by the name of Humphrey Kimathi.

The bloke is from Kenya so his name might be a little funky to some of you folks out there. To download Humphrey’s decently put together dvd player repair guide pdf, direct your cursor to this link you see right here, and click on it.


What I really like about Humphrey’s pdf guide is that it has several good case studies thrown in. Case studies are great because they are based on real scenarios. They give you invaluable insights on how to go about fixing a number of specific issues.

Sometime ago, a customer of mine brought in a DVD player that had a rather unique problem. See, when the player is switched on, the DVD in the tray started spinning wildly, yet without producing any visual or audio. It was pretty funky so I had to refer to Humphrey’s DVD player repairing pdf for guidance and I got just that.

Apparently the problem was due to a gear component within the player’s loader section. The gear got loose somehow, so I readjusted the thing and made sure it was well locked up. It was a pretty simple solution, which could have been potentially complicated if I didn’t have the pdf manual to refer to. I would have wasted a lot of time checking out other components in the loader – stuff like the tray motor, sled motor, spindle motor, etc.

And speaking of spindle motor, you want to make sure it runs approximately 500 revolutions per minute (500 RPM). The amount of RPM indicates the motor is spinning healthily and that and you have nothing to worry about with regards to wear and tear, which is something this particular component is exceptionally prone to.

The spindle motor spins right underneath the disc so it’ll eventually suffer from wear and tear. When that happens expect a number of issues to manifest including the highly notorious “No Disc” error. Alright that’s it for now folks. And don’t forget about Humphrey’s detailed dvd player repair manual pdf guide in case you need help troubleshooting all sorts of DVD player brands. Just jump over to the following site for details.

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