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Our Twins are teething and aTwinsLife wants to share some great best practices that with the help of our Pediatrician have developed to help us along the way. Twins are hard enough, but Teething Twins can break the spirits of even the best of us.
Aug. 5, 2012 - PRLog -- Well we have made it through the first six months with our Twin boys and just when we thought we were getting a handle on things, we started to notice some curious symptoms when they were about four months. There's a constant stream of drool and horrible diaper messes. The Twins were chewing on everything in sight, including each other. They were fussy and out-of-sorts, waking up at all hours, and something completely foreign to our boys they were refusing to eat at times. So we did what all new parents do, we called their pediatrician only to find out both boys were teething…Goodbye cute little toothless grins and Hello little pearls of teeth.

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Our pediatrician let us know most babies start the teething process between four and nine months of age, but it can begin as young as three months old. On average, a baby's first tooth will make an appearance at about seven months. However, that schedule can vary widely, so don't feel concerned if your Twins or Multiples don't meet that milestone, especially if they were born prematurely. All babies especially Twins develop differently. Even if your babies are chronologically seven months old, their adjusted age is based on their original due date. Talk to your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about their teething timeline.

Here are some of the signs of teething that we had with our Twin boys:

A Double Dose of Drool: Dripping, drenching, drowning drool! Our boys were and still are going through so many bibs a day, considering there are two of them; laundry is definitely a never ending process in our house.

Loose Stools: Although this is not really something we had with our boys some babies experience loose stools or diarrhea while teething.

Low-grade Fever: In some cases babies will get low grade fevers, which can be between 99-100, while they are teething. With the guidance of our pediatrician, we decided that if it went over 101 and couldn’t get it to come down then we would call the pediatrician.

Biting and Chewing: Oh yes, they chewed on everything including their own fingers. Many times we would find them chewing on their receiving blankets. Because our boys were only 4 months when they started teething we used a cold wet wash cloth to help them chew through it. This seemed to help the Twins tremendously!

Irritability: As many parents of Twins feel we just couldn’t ever catch a break. When one’s discomfort went away the other one would start to feel fussy. We have come to learn that this is just part being the parents of Twins. Go with the flow, be patient, and try and alleviate their pain as much as possible. Remember: this "two" shall pass and your happy Twin babies will return.

Disruption of Routine: Just as we settled into the perfect routine of sleeping all night and having a perfect nap schedule for us and our sitters, everything went sideways and we were back to waking up in the night. Again, be patient, this “two” shall pass.

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Dealing with Teething Twins:

Your pediatrician can give you specific advice on how to help your babies cope with the discomfort of teething. Recommendations may include administration of ingestible pain relievers such as infant ibuprofen, or acetaminophen, or a topical product for gums. You can also offer your babies comfort by giving them safe items to chew and gnaw on. (Be careful that frozen items are not too cold or too hard.)

Even before teeth appear, take care of your Twins' gums by wiping them daily with a clean, damp washcloth, gauze, or infant toothbrush. As baby teeth erupt, brush them gently with a moistened baby toothbrush; avoid using toothpaste until your Twins are old enough not to swallow it.

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Don't let your Twins fall asleep with bottles filled with milk or juice; as the liquids pool in their mouths, it can cause those precious new teeth to decay. Schedule a dentist visit around the time your twins turn one. Finally, take pictures as their teeth arrive, and note the dates! Amidst the chaos of caring for Twins, it is easy to forget or confuse these special milestones.

Here's To a TwinTastic Day!
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