Why Your Diet Isn't Working...Again

Your body is made up of 60,000,000,000,000 (60 trillion) cells, all of which require energy, derived from your food, to function.
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May 24, 2012 - PRLog -- Depending on what you choose to eat, your body may make use of primarily fats and proteins, or sugars to keep the body going. Diets that are high in simple carbohydrates and sugars often result in excess weight gain. For one, excess glucose will be converted and stored within adipose (or fat tissue). Second, the body will be consumed with burning only sugar (the quickest source of energy, and the only energy source for the brain). Any fat that you consume will be stored (in fat deposits) because of the bodies’ preoccupation with sugar burning. The more sugar and fat that needs to be stored, the heavier we become.

   When our weight gets out of control and we decide to diet to drop the weight, the most common approach is to drastically reduce calorie intake. What you need to understand about this is that it creates stress within the body. The body is primitive, a reduction in calorie intake signals starvation. When the body assumes that it is starving, it begins to release cortisol, a hormone from the adrenal glands, released when the body is under stress, and stock piles nutrients for survival.

   The importance of the thyroid, and perhaps more importantly the adrenal glands by virtue of their sensitivity, is often overlooked when thinking about diet. In our day and age the body is no longer under natural stresses. Most are not faced with starvation or exposure to the elements. Instead, the majority of our stress is emotional. While physical stressors deplete the body, emotional ones do so just as much. Chronic stress and fatigue cause the adrenal glands to up regulate their release of cortisol. As mentioned, cortisol causes the body to store fat. Whether the stresses in your life are emotional or physical, your body responds in the same way. If you are someone who chooses to use stimulants, i.e. coffee and caffeinated teas, or ingest copious amounts of sugar, and if you are frequently stressed you are in danger not only altering your metabolism for the worse, but also depleting your adrenal glands entirely. When the adrenal glands become depleted.

Back to dieting, maybe in addition to reducing calorie intake, you limit sugar consumption. When this occurs the body begins to burn muscle for protein. The breakdown of muscle creates an acidic environment, which is only a further stresses the body. Knowing what we do about cortisol, the stress of an acidic environment only exacerbates the release of the hormone; the release of cortisol and the speed of the metabolism are inversely proportional. High cortisol release means that the speed of the metabolism plummets. Unfortunately, any initial weight loss achieved by calorie restricting diets is not easily maintained. If one where to wean themselves off of this type of diet and begin consuming their regular calorie intake, the weight will return, and often the persons weight will jump higher than it was initially.

In addition to negatively altering the metabolism, often times diets foods do nothing to naturally cleanse our bodies. As body mass drops with weight loss, the levels of toxins within the body remains the same. Without cleansing, those impurities will exist and negatively impact the initial weigh loss as well.

So your diet won’t work. Cleanse.

   The only way to effectively clear the body of the toxins, reset pH and to restart the metabolism is to cleanse. Most cleanse products sold in the drug or grocery stores are chemical based. These chemicals are essentially laxatives. They will do nothing more than upset your stomach and drop your water weight. Our cleanse is wholly different. We have both 9 and 30 day options that are guaranteed to pull the toxins from your blood, and naturally cleanse you without the horrifying side effects and harsh chemicals.  

Life without Pain’s 9-Day Weight Loss Cleanse is a complete program that provides all the elements needed to restore your metabolism and to start the cleansing process. Clients will enjoy pre-made meals or suggested recipes throughout the duration of the cleanse. Each meal comes in a convenient food packet. Preparation is quick and easy. Each food packet contains a complete serving of protein, and incorporates all six tastes to leave your body feeling satisfied. The spices and herbs in the packages increase the metabolism and digestive fire, while slowly detoxifying your body. In addition to pre-made meals, clients will enjoy homemade ghee, raw honey, and herbal tea. Unlike over the counter cleanes, our cleanse does not require you to ingest harmful chemicals that will upset your stomach. Instead, you will cleanse naturally, without the trouble of upset stomach. All the herbs you will need on purge day are included. If the instructions are followed properly, the cleanse will be a nurturing process for your body and it will not leave you feeling fatigued. Clients usually express the opposite sentiment, saying that they feel recharged and reinvigorated. The amount of weight loss will vary depending on your lifestyle, stress levels, and how well you follow the program. The Cleanse Package includes two hot oil treatments to loosen stubborn toxins and fat deposits and to re-balance the hormones. The treatments are just as important as the cleanse and help to only further reset the body.

Lisa Belise is the owner of Life Without Pain and is one of the worlds leading authority on the Ayurvedic Approach to Healing. For further information, please contact Lisa at (262) 744-1553, painfree@lisabelise.com or go to www.lisabelise.com.
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