rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) Killer of Cows and People in your Whey Protein Shake

Sublime Whey™ from NRGX Labs is 100% Hormone Free and Gluten Free - Safe for your family and taste like like a dessert drink; guaranteed no protein after-taste!!
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Jan. 25, 2012 - PRLog -- Sublime Whey™ from NRGX Labs is 100% Hormone Free and Gluten Free - Safe for your family and taste like like a dessert drink; guaranteed no protein after-taste!!

Did you know that Sublime Whey™ is produced from grass fed, healthy New Zealand cows (no hormones) sourced from local dairy farms; this means you're safe from exposure to rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone). Many nutrition and weight loss dairy powders on the market are made from ingredients originally produced overseas. In other countries laws allow cows to be injected with rBGH. rBGH stimulates greater production of milk and causes suffering for millions of cows by making them sick. It's not a legal requirement for hormone tainted protein powders to identify this - nice to know your Sublime Whey™ is 100% pure, safe and certified hormone free!!

NRG-X Labs is Excellence in Nutrition and Sublime Whey is excellence in protein, not only in it's design and overall composition but in it's purity and taste. First and foremost in designing a whey protein powder NRG-X Labs wanted 'the BEST' bar-none, the best quality whey protein. Upon finding a quality, USA based protein supplier and rigorously testing and re-testing they perfected a perfect blend of Ultra-Pure Whey protein concentrate to form something… well, sublime!! NRG-X Labs then turned to the next important issue... taste. Lets face it, you can have the best protein blend on the market but if it taste like, well... a normal protein shake most of us aren't going to be drinking it; so what’s the point.

NRG Points

• 22 Grams of Ultra-Pure Whey protein concentrate
• 100% Gluten, Casein and Aspartame free
• Infused with Inulin, Sunflower Oil & Fiber
• Keeps you fuller longer with Inulin – One scoop fills you up like a meal without all the added calories
• Mixes instantly with a spoon – no clumps
• Rich and creamy milkshake taste – no protein aftertaste!!

NRG-X Labs introduces their Talon 3.0 flavoring system; this is a blend of science, art and manufacturing process that yields the best tasting (no protein after taste), thick and creamy, rich milkshake like taste all in a instant dissolving micro-powder!! You can actually mix Sublime Whey with a spoon and a glass of water… yeah, really!! That's where Sublime Whey got its name, the taste and mixability is truly sublime… you'll be finding excuses to use Sublime Whey every chance you get.

Sublime Whey protein is perfect for busy parents looking for a tasty, quick and easy snack for children before rushing out the door or add some frozen fruit and make a healthy smoothie for a fraction of the cost you'd pay at a retail store. Whey protein has been proven to aid in quicker weight loss for those on diets and is KEY for building strong muscles in the gym and is a must for proper recovery after your workouts.

Studies show that an active adult should get their body weight in protein grams, so the average male weighing 185 pounds should be getting 185 grams or more of protein a day... think about it, it's nearly impossible to get that much protein from the foods we eat on a daily basis due to our hectic lifestyles. However, now that you use Sublime Whey, you can add 2-3 Sublime Protein Shakes a day and get a quick, easy and VERY tasty extra 60+ grams of ultra-high quality whey protein to your diet.

Sublime Whey uses over 22,000mg of quality amino acids per scoop to provide you with the best in muscle repair and recovery; plus added chicory derived inulin to promote bone density and health by up to 20%. Inulin also can help manage diabetes as inulin in foods provides sweetness without causing a rise in glucose levels. Also, it is well known and documented that fiber, such as inulin, helps maintain a feeling of fullness for longer periods after eating and promotes healthier and proper digestion. Another addition to Sublime Whey that you won't find in other protein powders is sunflower oil which is extremely high in linoleic acid (an Omega-6 Fatty Acid) which may promote a host of health benefits including; increase in metabolism, decrease of 'belly fat', lowered insulin resistance, enhanced muscle growth, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, reduced food-induced allergic reactions and enhanced immune system. Sublime Whey is also 100% casein, gluten and aspartame free!!

Sublime Whey is the way to better health and NRG-X Labs is Excellence in Nutrition. Learn more online @ http://nrgxlabs.com/ItemPages/wheyproteinsublime.html

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Hello, my name is joshua smith and i own nrg-x labs here in springfield, mo – We are a christian company and believe that god is in everything that we do! Bottom line is… excellence in nutrition, that’s what you can expect from nrg-x labs!
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