Corp approves NRG-X Labs as newest vendor

Wow… Amazon is the e-tailer to end all e-tailers! NRG-X Labs would like to welcome to its distinguished list of premium retailers in the US and Europe.
March 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Corp approves NRG-X Labs as newest vendor

About 4 years ago if someone had said, “ is carrying my products!!” you might be VERY impressed; wow… Amazon is the e-tailer to end all e-tailers! However, about 2 years ago Amazon started a new program called “Amazon Marketplace” in which anyone could list and sell their items on the website. You’ll notice this if you go to Amazon and click an item to buy, you’ll see one of two things – either “This item sold by XYZ merchant” with a ranking system for that merchant OR “This item sold and shipped from”.

So, about 2 weeks ago when my account rep said that she was working on getting Amazon to pick up the line I thought, great… but sort of discounted it as a vendor of ours was going to list the items in the marketplace. Hey, that was great news anyway, I used to do this same thing when I had my e-commerce company and the volume is unreal… in about 2 months, had doubled our sales (sales it took me and my site over 4 years to get to that level!!), so Amazon can really boost an e-tailer to that NEXT LEVEL.

BUT… oh was I WRONG… she emailed me back and said, “No, I’m not talking about a vendor listing your items on Amazon… I’m talking about Corp. picking up the line and stocking and selling it themselves!!” WHOA… this is huge I thought; I went into research mode right away, how many sport supplement vendors are stocked by and who are they, how awesome is this really!?

Well, after some digging and searching… I found that has for sale (on the marketplace) 2,922 items in their “Sport Supplements” category, this is JUST Sport Supplements (they have 1,176,676 items in their “Health & Nutrition” category)… and out of those 2,922 ONLY 317 of those are stocked by!!! I was floored that along side, MuscleTech, BSN, TwinLabs, EAS, Beachbody (P90X) and other household names… that would stock… NRG-X Labs!!

I was telling all this to Megan and all she kept saying was… “This will be a turning point for NRG-X Labs… better write the date down!” I have to admit I agree – of all the big box retailers to be with (WalMart, Sams, Costco and more) is the best positioned for high volume sales, they are already a highly trusted e-tailer with a vast network to move product!!

So finally – NRG-X Labs would like to welcome to its distinguished list of premium retailers in the US and Europe. What a blessing this is, God has truly “increased us more and more, us and our children!!” and we praise Him for ALL the good in our lives because without Him NONE of this would be possible, Thank you Father… we love you!!!

# # #

Hello, my name is joshua smith and i own NRG-X Labs here in Springfield, MO – We are a christian company and believe that god is in everything that we do! Bottom line is… excellence in nutrition, that’s what you can expect from nrg-x labs! For more info about our product and where to order go to
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