Unintended messages can derail marketing efforts, warns expert

Businesses often send unintended messages that dilute or even wipe out the messages they try to deliver.
Sept. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- Plainfield, Indiana -- Businesses often send unintended messages that dilute or even wipe out the messages they try to deliver, cautions veteran copywriter and marketing consultant Scott Flood of Scott Flood Writing.

“Those unintended messages may be inadvertent, but they’re also pretty dangerous,” Flood warns. “Some merely tarnish your image among current and prospective customers, but the worst of them can even everything you try to accomplish by investing in marketing and advertising.”

Flood says that one of the most common examples is the on-hold recording that repeatedly tells the caller how important his or her call is. “About the twelfth time I’ve heard it, I start to have my doubts,” he explains. “If my call was that important, wouldn’t the business have answered it before then? So despite the message’s best efforts, I come away from the situation convinced that the company really doesn’t care about my business.”

Another example concerns how companies react when customers inadvertently present discount coupons that recently expired. “On more occasions than I’d like to remember, I’ve watched customer service employees dress down customers who foolishly presented expired coupons,” Flood recalls. “By refusing, they may embarrass the customer. At the very least, they send the message that his or her business isn’t appreciated. While accepting a recently expired coupon might cost the business a few cents, it can pay far more in terms of goodwill.”

“Yes, some people may try to cheat you,” he adds, “But they’ll represent a small portion of your trade. You’ll hurt your business far more by treating the honest but calendar-challenged folks badly.”

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