Entertainment And Media Mogul, Adrienne Papp Honored For Her International Writing And Publicity

Adrienne Papp has been a known insider in the industry as a writer on current, true and essential entertainment topics.
By: Caren Lancona
June 8, 2011 - PRLog -- Beverly Hills, CA  – Adrienne Papp has been a known insider in the industry as a writer on current, true and essential entertainment topics along with contemporary messages such as quantum physics and neuroscience, which she publishes through online and printed magazines in the form of feature length editorials. She is known as the Feature Editor of real people with real messages, leaving the fashionable sensationalism and gossip to others, which, she says is a sad phenomenal in the world of journalism and entertainment.  

Adrienne Papp is a mentor to those in the entertainment industry successful enough to understand their own identity, but also a committed supporter of those evolved enough to tread in the field of consciousness, understanding the need for mankind to be using its abilities differently.  “We need to implement a new way of thinking and start understanding the workings of our mind and what we are capable of achieving with the right thinking. It is high time we got out of ignorance and sometimes just plain stupidity and into brilliance,“ she says.

In addition to being the Owner, President and CEO of Atlantic United, Incorporated in New York City, with practices in Los Angeles, California, Aspen, Colorado with several divisions, such as Atlantic Publicity, Atlantic Publisher, Spotlight News Magazine and Atlantic United Films, Adrienne is also the former Profile Editor of Flying Adventures Magazine (flyingadventures.com); Celeb Staff Magazine  (www.celebstaff.com); the Editor in Chief of Savoir Magazine (savoirmag.com); a host, columnist and feature contributor of Chic Today, a fashion magazine  in London (chictoday.com), La2Day ( La2Day.com) and It Magazine (itmagzine.net) addressing socially important issues. She has been the Profile Editor of all six local publications of West Side Today / The Brentwood News Group including Beverly Hills 90210, Brentwood News, Santa Monica Sun, Bel-Air View, Palisades 90272, and Malibu Beach. (www.westsidetoday.com) Adrienne also contributed to Celebrity Society (www.celebritysociety.com) among many others, and was the Editor in Chief of The Beverly Hills Times Magazine!  She has recently become the Feature Editor of Bunker Hill Magazine, about which she says: “ I am planning to make the best downtown Los Angeles (Art District) Magazine ever published with topics that are eye openers. We need to pay attention to our city and see how lively, fun and active the downtown area is, which somehow has gone unnoticed.”  

Most recently, Adrienne has also become the publicist for GROUNDFLOOR that is a prestigious Art Gallery, also downtown Los Angeles, and is responsible for the International publicity of a worldwide Chivalric Order that is the oldest one in history having been established in 312 AD.

Adrienne has been quoted, "Own Your Power, "  "Success Comes At a Price, Pay it, and it Will Pay You!"

She also writes and produces the SPOTLIGHT, Walking the WalkTM News Media, also referred to as Spotlight Report, a cutting-edge interactive multimedia style and entertainment media production company that also distributes news articles to hundreds of thousands of media outlets. (www.SpotlightMediaProductions.com. www.SpotlightNewsMagazine.com)  

Adrienne is the Chairman of Public Relations of the William Fox Hungarian Film Club and Atlantic Publicity is the Publicity Company of the Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Staying true to her real passion she writes and broadcasts on Quantum Physics and contributes true stories to magazines, such as the socially conscious (It) Magazine, thus promoting pro-social actions to inspire and fuel life altering and world changing events.  One of her best stories included “ Liberty and the Pursuit if Happiness” in which Adrienne calls attention to the fact that everything is possible and there is really nothing that a determined mind cannot achieve! “ This is true even for love relationships contrary to popular beliefs!” she adds.  

Adrienne has had the honor of working and writing on some of our most noted celebrities with cover stories including profiles of Angelina Jolie, Robert Redford, Adrian Pasdar, Lea Thompson Kathy Ireland, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Clint Eastwood, Gerard Butler, Woody Allen, and the late Violet Parkhurst just to list a few.

Gaining the respect of the entertainment community did not come to her as luck, but tenacity, and a never-ending desire to learn and grow. Adrienne is highly educated and trained in many areas of academia and was also a Guest Professor of Marketing and Advertising at Oxford University’s International Business School. She has also built and managed an International Consulting firm in New York City in the fields of health and beauty, high-technology industrial and consumer product marketing and distribution, and gained knowledge and practice in media communication, finance, joint ventures, investment banking, strategic partnerships, venture capital investments, biotechnology and entertainment financial consulting.

Investors of her company included The Invus Group, a multi-billion dollar private equity fund supported from Belgium based in New York City, and today owner of Weight Watchers, on which transaction, - just like the one prior to that with Robert Bass of Texas, consummating the biggest LBO deal in the country in its time amounting to 2.3 billion dollars- she was key advisor.  However the controversial and sometimes unethical behavior of corporate America took Adrienne’s attention in the direction of art, entertainment and creative writing instead, thus embracing topics that can initiate change in the world. “ I feel best when I know that I have made a positive change in someone’s life. I rather do that than fighting against unethical corporate dealings, - at times facilitated by their CEO’s never-ending deep pockets into the millions to defend their inhuman and anti-evolutionary behavior, - with which they only cause disruption and world crises.  It’s not the money; it’s their ego that can never get enough. Their minds are stuck and their entire lives make zero sense altogether.  There is nothing that makes them happy except temporarily once they acquire a new toy or initiate a new merger and acquisition. They think power and yet more power will make them happy one day! Knowing the law of Quantum Physics the only thing we can do is direct our attention to that which is joyous and fulfilling and let these lost souls punish themselves, which they will willingly or not. I believe in the amazing intelligence of the live Universe, which we hardly ever knew anything about before. Thankfully, Einstein started something and I feel it is time that we carry on and maybe even conclude his work. “

“I also feel that it is important to talk about substance both in print as well as on television because I learned through my own personal experiences that not only a very personal story can be chewed up in the media on and on for almost eternity, but on top, as usual, they get it all wrong and somehow words end up in a way that the end result hardly even resembles the original truth of the story at all. That is when I first understood how the media sensationalizes everything without any merit,  and I sympathize with celebrities who see one crazy story after another about themselves while none of it is true. I made a commitment to reverse that to the degree I possibly can.”

Adrienne Papp also worked in Denmark and Sweden as the Director of Business Development of Copenhagen based software manufacturer and led the company to its current market leader position within one year.

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