Louisiana's ONLY Double Blind Certified Bed Bug Canine Team

Inspector Hound's two year old Beagle "Henry" and his handler Clif Tomasini were awarded the FIRST and ONLY double blind Bed Bug Detection Certificate in the state of Louisiana.
June 6, 2011 - PRLog -- As another example that we are Louisiana's Premier Bed Bug Detection Company, Inspector Hound achieved the FIRST and ONLY double blind certification for finding bed bugs.  "This certification was extremely difficult" stated Clif Tomasini.  "Talking with other canine teams, I learned that very few had passed this certification"

Certification was conducted by WDDO (World Detector Dog Organization) and consisted of two parts.  In part 1, the handler and dog are presented with 12 items.  Each item may or may not have a live bed bug.  The canine team is to determine where the live bed bugs are and where they are not.  Not knowing how many, if any, are live is a huge challenge. "It tough, but it is just like the real world", said Clif.  Once passing part 1 and only if passing part 1, the team is allowed to take part 2.  In part 2, the team is to search 4 hotels rooms for live bed bugs.  The handler does not know how many live hides there are, but must identify all live hides without any false positives.  "Part 2 is just like real world conditions, and very tough" said Clif.  "Henry's training has certainly paid off and I am proud to say he is one of a very select group to pass these tests".

Double Blind Certification is commonly misrepresented.  The actual meaning is that the handler team and the person giving the test do not know the results.  The person giving the test is only there to ensure that the team does not cheat.  Because this proctor does not know the results, they have no way of helping the team.  The purpose of double blind testing is to prevent the "Clever Hans Effect".  "Essentially, animals are so smart they can read the test givers body language and identify changes in human behavior or clues.  It is really quite amazing how smart these dogs can be", said Clif Tomasini.

The World Detector Dog Organization was established to advance the science behind these animals and promote the best interest of all stakeholders.  They are a non-profit organization.  See www.wddo.org for more information.

Inspector Hound is licensed with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture
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