Postcard Services Prints All Colors But Remains A Green Business

Postcard Services, a technology and direct mail provider, continues to lower its environmental impact with 3 initiatives - its green digital press, its new warehouse lighting, and its oil and paper recycling practices.
May 26, 2011 - PRLog -- Postcard Services (, a technology and direct mail provider, continues to lower its environmental impact with 3 initiatives - its green digital press, its new warehouse lighting, and its oil and paper recycling practices.  Integrating these three initiatives renders it a responsible corporate citizen.

1. With over 35,000 customers, Postcard Services prints a lot of direct mail postcards. So its choice of paper really does have an impact. “All paper we purchase conforms to the highest level of forestry certification,” said Postcard Services President, Newell White. Certification is a voluntary means of auditing conformance to a standard set forth by an independent organization. When it comes to sourcing wood fiber used to make paper and packaging products, certification of forestry-related operations represents the highest standard of stewardship and traceability that a company can provide to its customers.  Mr White added, “Furthermore, all waste paper in the shop is recycled using a nationally recognized recycling firm. We are committed to recycling wherever and whenever possible.”

2. After moving into its new Tampa premises, the production facility was audited for its environmental impact. C.E.O. Jonathan Kremner said, “Not only did we want to improve conditions for our work force, but we wanted to use the audit to become as environmentally friendly as possible. By changing our lighting we were able to significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce wastage. ”

3. Postcard Services now uses an HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press.  "Switching to HP digital printing equipment not only means better quality and faster turnaround times for our customers, it also means much less environmental impact all around," says Postcard Services President, Newell White. "We spoke with all the major manufacturers and in our opinion, none of them offer the quality and the speed of the HP 7000 presses coupled with a low environmental footprint." HP’s green printing presses are considered by many to be the finest in the print industry – especially when environmental  issues are factored in. There are none of the traditional chemicals.  With digital printing, no plates need to be prepared, no chemical processing or disposal is required, and once a simple pre-flight has been carried out on the digital files, printing can begin – with the first copy being saleable. Color and register are immediately achieved, saving potentially significant quantities of paper. Additionally, oil is recycled.  The HP Indigo uses oil to mix with its ink and some of that oil evaporates during the printing process. The oil is captured and then the oil recycling system separates the oil from the water. The oil is pumped into the imaging oil tank and combined with ink additives (if needed). The recycled oil is then fed back into the press and is ready for use in the printing process, reducing imaging oil consumed by approximately 50 percent.  The water generated during the separation process is normally clean enough to qualify for disposal via customers’ facility drainage systems. The ink that’s used is HP ElectroInk ,which is free from HAPs (14), particulate matter emissions, materials subject to California Proposition 65, lead, and lead compounds or phthalates as ingredients.  Laboratory tests indicate that the inks meet most requirements of US CPSIA.  HP Indigo prints are de-inkable and recyclable.
“All these great green features make Postcard Services an environmentally responsible organization in an industry where many are not,” said C.E.O. Jonathan Kremner.

Since 2003, Postcard Services (  has been dedicated to creating online tools that empower businesses of all sizes to create quality direct mail programs, without the expense of hiring multiple agencies.  It serves over 35,000 small business clients nationwide. Additionally, Postcard Services provides an array of private label solutions for franchises, call centers, and larger businesses with repeat direct mail needs.

Jonathan Kremner, CEO
9216 Palm River Rd
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Tampa, FL 33619

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A direct mail marketing company offering design, printing, and mailing all under one roof. Great pricing, top quality, eco-friendly materials and production process. Postcard Services assists over 35,000 small business clients.
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