Quick-n-EZ Language™ Updates Innovative Website with New Language Learning Tools

Language Learning Tools Launched to Help Teach Individuals and U.S. Based Companies Hindi and Marathi in order to do business with India
By: Kate Russell
March 30, 2011 - PRLog -- COLUMBIA, MD – Quick-n-EZ Language™ (www.quick-n-ez.com) announces today the launch of new featured tools on the Quick-n-EZ website to further enhance the experience of customers in their journey to learn the Hindi and Marathi languages through additional online options. As the U.S. continues to participate in the growing trend of outsourcing and off-shoring, it has become even more important for American businesses to learn the Hindi and Marathi languages http://www.quick-n-ez.com in order to do better business with India.

India’s market is expected to continue to grow at a rate of at least 8% per year over the next 5 years, specifically around the need for U.S. based companies to outsource their services within the IT and Telecom space. As Indian suppliers of IT-based business process outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology (IT), and Consulting services expand into the U.S. market, there will continue to be an increased need for graduates with IT degrees to have a basic knowledge of the Hindi and/or Marathi languages.  

“As the India market expands and more and more U.S. based companies begin to work with India, whether it be in the U.S. or abroad, it is becoming more and more important for U.S. businesses and IT Specialists to learn the native languages, such as Hindi and Marathi, in order to do better business with India,” explains Yogini Dahiwadkar, President and CEO of Quick-n-EZ Language.  “As more and more students go into these fields our new web tools and features are a great way for children, teens and adults alike to learn these languages quickly and easily in a new refreshing way.” http://www.quick-n-ez.com

Concentrating on building a strong foundation of essential language skills that last a lifetime, Quick-n-EZ Language’s products are developed through a step-by-step process geared to recognition, pronunciation and writing of letters– the building blocks of any language, based on the user’s local references and native tongue.

Key elements of Quick-n-EZ Language’s learning experience include:

•   A grounding in familiar local language references for maximum user engagement and retention;

•   Incorporation of commonly recognizable images from the user’s native (local) language and uses the sounds in that native language to increase recognition and proper pronunciation of foreign language terms to engage the user in the process and maximize the retention potential of a foreign language; and

•   Use of a scientific teaching process that starts with mastery of letters to build words and then simple-to-complex sentences, Quick-n-EZ Language ensures that language is learned thoroughly, precisely and for a lifetime.

The new updates and features on Quick-n-EZ Language website also include:

•   Letter Puzzles and Games – including easy and hard levels, allowing users to create letters of Hindi and Marathi through the puzzle to collect points to redeem to add to their Quick-n-EZ experience;

•   Sound Recording and Comparison Capability – Users can record themselves as they practice their language learning, to compare their sounds to the correct pronunciation on our website for maximum accuracy. Through this feature they’ll also be able to learn new letter sounds, and combining vowels to relevant consonants, through vocabulary, guided reading, and numbers;

•   Sound-Enabled Number Learning – Users can learn Marathi and Hindi  numbers from 0-100 more quickly and correctly, aided by sound and English translation; and

•   Cultural Infusions – learn more about Indian culture and heritage, including history, music, art, food, and religion to complement your language learning experience. Additional cultural ‘tidbits’ will be added to the Quick-n-EZ Language website on a weekly basis as well as on their Facebook page.

About Quick-n-EZ Language™
Quick-n-EZ Language™ is the revolutionary language teaching method created by a mother to teach her own preschooler the Indian languages of Hindi and Marathi http://www.quick-n-ez.com.  Originally named IndiToy, the products were introduced in 2009 and quickly gained a market presence in the U.S. and Canada.  When it became clear that there was a great need to expand the product methodology to include other world languages, the line was renamed Quick-n-EZ – still marketed by the company IndiToy, Inc. - to reflect how quickly and easily students of all ages can learn using its unique approach.  Learning materials include colorful flashcards, handy practice charts, and easy to follow workbooks, all laminated and used with dry erase markers for repeat use and language reinforcement.  For more information on Quick-n-EZ products or IndiToy, Inc., visit their website at www.quick-n-ez.com.

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Quick-n-EZ Language by IndiToy, Inc., a worldwide provider of innovative educational products and e-learning services. Our products come as Alphabet Flash Cards, Practice Charts and Smart Charts for an easy way to learn Marathi and Hindi languages.
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