Quick-n-EZ Language™ Announces the Release of First-Ever Customer Case Study

The Innovative Provider of Language Learning Tools Profiles a Diverse Group of Customers for Feedback on the Product Experience and Utility
By: Kate Russell
April 14, 2011 - PRLog -- Quick-n-EZ Language™ (http://www.quick-n-ez.com) announces today the release of its first-ever customer case study that profiles an array of individuals using Quick-n-EZ Language products to accomplish their numerous language learning goals.  

One such customer, Scott Harris, his Sri Lankan wife Dilini and son from Germantown, Maryland are Jehovah's Witnesses and reaching out to the Indian Community by learning the Hindi language and to start bible studies with them in their mother tongue. A second, Jayashree Chauhan of Northern Virginia feels that the Quick-n-EZ products help her elementary school age children learn Hindi. She finds her children using the flash cards frequently to help them learn the Hindi alphabet. Finally, Manju Kulkarni, a 40-year old mother of seven and 11-year old daughters in West Los Angeles, California, needs an alternative to local Marathi classes that use the traditional rote style of language teaching used in India.

Whether the need is to connect culturally with Hindi-speaking people, as the Harris family wants to do as Bible study volunteers, or to teach Marathi language skills so that a new generation of Indian-American children can connect with their heritage, as Jayashree Chauhan and Manju Kulkarni are doing, Quick-n-EZ’s innovative suite of language learning products is proving to be remarkably effective.http://www.quick-n-ez.com

A Strong Foundation, Built Step-By-Step

Quick-n-EZ products concentrate on building a strong foundation of essential Marathi and Hindi language skills by using a step-by-step process geared to recognition, pronunciation and writing of letters – the building blocks of any language. http://www.quick-n-ez.com

Kulkarni and her husband both grew up in America.  “Our parents spoke to us in Marathi,” she says, “but for us to teach the language to our children it makes more sense to use pronunciation examples that Indian-American kids can understand.”

Accordingly, Quick-n-EZ language learning is grounded in familiar English language references that make it possible for children and adults to recognize, read, write and pronounce letters in Hindi and Marathi within an hour.  For example, to symbolize the hard “c” sound in Marathi, the Quick-n-EZ materials use a cat character.  According to Kulkarni, Quick-n-EZ products are “very helpful to kids growing up in the United States because they are tailored for Indian-American kids, instead of using generic materials from India that are not useful to this audience.”

Approach That Works for Kids of All Ages

Recognizing that early childhood is best for learning and lifelong retention of new language skills, Quick-n-EZ gears its programs to children ages three to 10.  “When it comes to learning Hindi,” Harris observes, “I’m pretty much on the same level as my three-year-old son.”  At the same time, Quick-n-EZ content is advanced enough for high school and college students as well as adults who are looking to gain a competitive edge in school or the job market.  

In addition, Quick-n-EZ learning materials are versatile and portable enough to be used at home, at school and while traveling by car or airplane.  Kulkarni says the flash cards proved to be highly useful in a Marathi class her older daughter was taking.  “As the instructor would explain something, my daughter could refer to the flash cards to reinforce visually what she was hearing,” she recalls.  “And when the teacher would ask the class for examples, the flash cards also made it easy for her to respond.” http://www.quick-n-ez.com

Language Learning That Lasts a Lifetime

When all is said and done – in Hindi, Marathi and other world languages – Quick-n-EZ products are a must for people who want to make a difference in our increasingly multicultural society or get ahead in the global economy.  “You can’t underestimate the power of stepping into another person’s culture by learning their language,” says Harris.  “Thanks to Quick-n-EZ, we have been able to connect with people in the Hindi community on a personal level.”

About Quick-n-EZ Language™
Quick-n-EZ Language™ is the revolutionary language teaching method created by a mother to teach her own preschooler the Indian languages of Hindi and Marathi.  Originally named IndiToy, the products were introduced in 2009 and quickly gained a market presence in the U.S. and Canada.  When it became clear that there was a great need to expand the product methodology to include other world languages, the line was renamed Quick-n-EZ – still marketed by the company IndiToy, Inc. - to reflect how quickly and easily students of all ages can learn using its unique approach.  Learning materials include colorful flashcards, handy practice charts, and easy to follow workbooks, all laminated and used with dry erase markers for repeat use and language reinforcement.  For more information on Quick-n-EZ products or IndiToy, Inc., visit their website at www.quick-n-ez.com.

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Quick-n-EZ Language by IndiToy, Inc., a worldwide provider of innovative educational products and e-learning services. Our products come as Alphabet Flash Cards, Practice Charts and Smart Charts for an easy way to learn Marathi and Hindi languages.
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