A New Way Too Manage Your Goals With You iPad2

Creating a roadmap for your subconscious mind to follow just got a lot easier and more fun using this new iPad app called icondu.
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March 23, 2011 - PRLog -- Seattle, March 5, 2011---Ever since there have been success guru’s, we’ve been told that writing your goals down on a daily basis is one of the single most important ways to accomplish them.  It’s been proven in various studies and surveys of successful people over the years,

Writing down your goals on a daily basis and reviewing them as often as possible is one of the most successful habits to develop.  The more you can involve your senses the better the results.  Bream boards, or vision boards are another way to manage your major life goals or dreams.  Then you just look at the board throughout the day to review and inspire yourself to achieve them.  This method works very well sense it involves your most powerful sense, the “visual” sense.  

Now with our high tech ipads, you can not only manage your daily To Do tasks, but also use the same app to manage your Dreams and goals visually.  Its called icondu and through its use of icons and pictures it gets both jobs done in the quickest most efficient manner possible.  Icondu allows you to use icons as representations of any To Do Task you may have and you can even customize the icons with your own personal images of your cars, home, kids, pets friends and so on.  So how do you use it for your goals?

Well they have up to 5 list categories to manage your daily tasks, so you use the one marked as “G” for your goals.  You simply choose icons(pictures) that represent your dreams and then put them under that category.  Now remember you can customize and use any photo as an icon, so you can create icons of your dream car, dream home etc, pictures of jewelry, vacation spots,  private jets etc.  Then throughout the day as you are dealing with all your daily To Do tasks, just tap the “G” category and bam, all your dream goals are all right there in full color visual representations.  The fastest best way we have ever seen to create, manage and review a dream board style goal manager, all with the tap of a finger.  Plus the To Do List part is absolutely the fastest way to create and manage To Do Lists.  The icons use your brains natural ability to process images faster than you could ever process rows of text.  

Did we mention you can also put a lot of text data, urls, email, numbers, address etc into every icon via a details screen, but all you see is beautiful full color icons (pictures) until you tap on an icon, then you can see all the text data if you chose to include data.  If not then all you see is the icons.  Its very well thought out and works brilliantly.  You can also manage your contacts and create Quick lists of multiple items such as a grocery shopping lists with the tap of a finger.

After all what are To Do List’s, if not mini goals that have to be accomplished today?  So it only makes sense to incorporate a way to manage your major goals with all your small daily tasks.
Right brain Solutionz llc, the creators of “icondu” (www.icondu.com), a new To Do List iPad app that uses images instead of text to create To Do Lists and manage, data, contacts and more have created one great app.  

And for a short time they have teamed up with another company (www.theidrug.com) to offer a free $47 gift card to the first 1000 users to download their iPad app, so if you buy their app for $7.97 you get a $47 gift card in return.  That means in essence you get paid to buy their app!

The creators of “icondu” , say people want a To Do List App to be easy and fast, so that means minimal use of the keyboard.  It also means, making it intuitive so you don’t have to stumble through menus and pages to make a quick or extensive data filled To Do List.

Icondu’s (www.icondu.com), creator said, the day will come when we will no longer need a keyboard, but for now this as close as we have gotten. Icondu uses images to create and manage tasks with just the tap of your finger.  It’s pretty darn fast and easy.

In fact it’s so fast and easy to use, they have a video of a 5 year old creating a To Do list with the iPad app on the website (http://www.icondu.com/Videos_Screenshots.html).  The app truly is amazing and extremely powerful as a data manager, contact manager,  To Do List maker and Dream/Goal manager.

For more information, visit http://www.icondu.com, email
support@icondu.com or call 253-227-6101.

About Right Brain Solutionz LLC
Right Brain Solutionz LLC, is creating applications that tap into the right brains natural image processing power.

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Right brain solutionz is an app developer focusing on innovative new apps that are completely original

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