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If you’re reading this now, you’ve got the right idea. Successful weight loss is extremely dependent on a person’s muscle size. By building muscle, this raises the metabolism, and burns more fat. What is the best exercise to make this happen?
More Muscle Fires Up Fat Burning Furnace
More Muscle Fires Up Fat Burning Furnace
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Jan. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- Burn fat, build muscle is becoming a more popular way to lose weight. That’s how Rob Poulos lost 42 pounds, and it was done with the best muscle building exercise that sheered the fat off his body until he was slim, trim and ripped. Of course, dietary habits tilt in the balance with exercise in the equation to lose weight successfully, but for many people to have a chance to win, they must exercise. Many people try to avoid exercise, and instead check out the best list of fat burning foods. Problem is, these foods really don’t burn fat, but they do optimize the necessary diet that works best with a well-rounded weight reduction plan.

Rob Poulos originally created the Fat Burning Furnace program for himself, not realizing it would become a weight loss solution for thousands of people to this day. He used to be a gym rat, and it didn’t work. He dragged himself through his youth with obesity, trying many types of exercises and machines to burn fat on. He tried different combinations of workout routines involving cardio, calisthenics with weight training for hours on end without lasting results. Then he found the one exercise that burned the most fat in the least time.

Rob calls his workout routine that helped burn 42 pounds off his physique the 15 Minute Miracle. In his Fbf program, he advises it be done at 3 times a week at the most. The exercise that powers this routine is HIIT, or high intensity interval training. It’s very challenging, and very forceful exercise, but it is performed for only 15 minutes. Rob discovered this is the exercise that sends the right message through the body for successful weight loss.

He‘s been around the weight loss block, doing aerobics for hours and years. He would lose some weight, but that hard work was for not after the pounds would rebound. Why was this happening? After spending years studying the science of fitness and exercise, he discovered the difference between certain types of workouts, and their effects on the body during and after the routine was over.

Aerobics burns fat, but only during the exercise. Within an hour, the metabolism drops back down to the pre-exercise level. Rob theorizes for someone to lose lots of weight doing only cardio would have to do hours of it daily, which most people can’t do. Why? The body doesn’t burn fat after a cardio workout, except marginally, and just for a short time. The human body, because of it’s set point weight, wants to regain the fat that was burned. Hormonally, it will try to repack the fat weight back to the level it’s used to having in the body. To change this permanently won’t be easy, and cardio isn’t the best exercise to fight through this obstacle.

High intensity interval training with weights helped Rob reach his weight loss goals permanently. Even after a short 15 minute workout, this exercise jacks up the metabolism for hours and days, burning plenty of fat. The EPOC or post-exercise oxygen consumption stays high since this type of workout demands much more recovery than cardio, keeping the body hotter longer. Those who do it can feel a post-exercise buzz.

Rob recommends doing compound weight lifting sets that will demand the most blood and oxygen from the heart, forcing the body to adjust to a higher fitness level. Compound means multi-joint, using more than one muscle during the exercise as opposed to isolation movements. As difficult as the sets are, it will steadily increase the body’s VO2 Max which improves oxygen uptake and use. HIIT routines are best recommended for improving heart heath.

Rob’s 15 Minute Miracle increased his muscle mass, building more muscle, elevating the metabolism and progressively burning more fat. This exercise increases testosterone, a powerful fat burning hormone and effective fat storage inhibitor. It’s the most effective way to alter one’s set weight point. To successfully lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. To protect your muscles during this caloric deficit, interval training works to push the body to use more fat for energy. Cardio aftereffects provide no such barrier nor protection from muscle wasting.

Click the link for more information about the Fat Burning Furnace weight loss plan http://fatburningfurnacescam.info. Or, Fbf boosts testosterone http://www.prlog.org/11233928-fat-burning-furnace-boosts-.... Read about Rob’s wife Kalen losing 59 pounds with the same program http://www.prlog.org/11250194-fat-burning-furnace-review-....

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