Fat Burning Furnace Boosts Testosterone - Speeds Fat Loss

The testosterone advantage for weight loss is what this press release is about. Rob Poulos uses this advantage in his Fat Burning Furnace program to lose more weight in less time. Don’t overlook this powerful fat burning hormone.
Jan. 19, 2011 - PRLog -- Anyone putting forth the effort to lose weight should know the importance of testosterone’s effects during fat burning exercise. Although it’s famous reputation is basically oriented around the symbol of male sexuality, it’s powerful advantage to burn fat shouldn’t be swept aside by women. The testosterone advantage is necessary for both sexes for successful weight loss.

Fat Burning Furnace was created by Rob Poulos, which is a weight loss program he made for himself. He suffered obesity his entire childhood, and as a man found it difficult to find the right diet and exercise through the weight loss market. After so many failures, he went into study for years, and put together his own program that helped him lose 42 pounds. It also helped his wife Kalen lose 59 pounds after she having 2 babies.

Now, Rob knows testosterone. When he started doing the right exercise to pump up levels of this magical hormone, and witnessed it’s effects on him, he knew he was on his way. Before I divulge the exercise he used to optimize his testosterone rush, I’ll go into detail about the different ways it facilitates weight loss, and general health.

First, this hormone elevates the body’s efficiency to utilize oxygen. This factors into thousands of important functions, including elevating energy levels and building muscle. Increase your muscle integrity, you burn more fat with every passing minute. Testosterone is a heart protector, increases the body’s stamina and exercise endurance. It strengthens the immune system, as well as bones and ligaments. It also plays a role in normalizing blood sugar levels.

One of the best reasons to have more of this androgenic hormone besides losing weight, is brain function. People notice their concentration and memory improves after getting a boost of testosterone. It’s also been known to relieve depression. Convenient combination for exercising, elevating the mood and lowering body fat levels.

On a cellular level, this hormone continues it’s amazing influence on the body’s fat metabolism. One of the enzymes that causes fat cells to store more fat is liproprotein lipase. Testosterone hinders the body from producing it. On the flipside, it also increases fat cell receptors that work to release lipids into the blood, and flow out as fuel for energy.

Rob Poulos used to exercise too much, and he couldn’t permanently lose weight. Like many others doing hours of cardio and weight training in the gym, he found himself coming back to square one. So, how did he lose 42 pounds with less exercise? Rob made his own routine called the 15 Minute Miracle  (Click link for more about it  http://fatburningfurnacescam.info ). He did this 3 times a week, at the most. No cardio. He found aerobics causes fat weight to rebound. The body hormonally wants to refill those fat cells after aerobic exercise. However, Rob discovered that high intensity interval training was the best workout that preserved fat loss results.

When you do high intensity interval training, you probably can’t do more for your body’s testosterone levels, other than going to a doctor. HIIT was the exercise Rob did for building more fat burning muscle, which also increases the metabolism, or the speed the body burns energy. What those higher testosterone levels did for the body’s oxygen use also magnified weight loss results. The body needs a lot more oxygen to burn fat than it uses to fire off carbohydrate fuel.

If you’d like to read more about Rob’s HIIT workout and Fat Burning Furnace weight loss plan, please click here http://fatburningfurnacescam.info . Read more about his wife Kalen losing 59 pounds at http://fatburningfurnacescam.info .
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