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“Warning-if you are retired, soon to be retired or changing jobs don’t even think about making decisions about your money or your early retirement package without attending this FREE webinar. Information you can use NOW!
Sept. 25, 2010 - PRLog -- Discover the dangerous retirement traps that are waiting for unsuspecting potential victims like yourself!  Learn how to avoid making the same mistakes many uninformed retirees make that might cost them a fortune and possibly lead them to running out of money!

If you are a current or soon to be retiree…  This may be the most important message you ever read!  Why?  Well, because if you don’t know the truth about the dirty secrets that the IRS uses to trap retirees, and if you are unaware of other just as unpleasant retirement surprises that are waiting for you…you could end up with far less money than you need to retire comfortably!
You see, the IRS has it all figured out.  They know that the laws regarding retirement and estate planning are so complex, that human resource departments simply cannot help their retirees know what options to choose.

Unfortunately most CPAs and attorneys don’t know how to tie all the financial pieces together to help you make the right decisions either!  This sad reality is that most retirees end up paying more in taxes than they legally have to, and get nailed by other money mistakes without knowing what hit them.  Countless retirees in the same situation as you have made big mistakes when retiring, costing themselves a fortune!  That’s right!  The more unaware retirees and people changing jobs are, the greater the chances that you end up in a real mess.

The IRS’ dirty secret!
For example, if you are not aware of the deadly tax traps the IRS has set up for any one changing jobs or retiring you’re likely to be the next victim.  They’ll rob you of your hard on the money, without thinking twice!  We can honestly say that the IRS has reached an all-time low!  In fact, they’ve kept this whole thing client, because when they attack retirees and seniors’ retirement money publicly there’s usually a huge protest.  But the sad truth is they want your money!  

Our tax hungry IRS will stop at nothing to collect revenue for the government.  They feel no guilt about taking your money when you leave a job or retire just at the time when you need the money the most!  Why?  Well, it’s pretty simple; retirees control the vast majority of personal wealth in the U.S.!  So, when the IRS’ goes hunting for cash, who is the best person to get it from?  You!  And there is No leniency for anyone who innocently and unknowingly runs afoul of any of their complicated and disgusting laws.  You’ll be cleaned out just the same!  But the IRS isn’t the only problem.  No, other just as deadly pitfalls await retirees and people changing jobs that no one’s ever explained to you!

Can you answer these questions?  All your assets title in the absolute, most dangerous way possible? (Most retirees make this huge mistake!)

What should you do with your lump sum distribution?  
How much do you keep in cash, how much elsewhere?  
Who should be the trustee or custodian?
Do you have a virtually all bullet proof asset protection plan? (Are your financial assets and estate protected?)
Do you know about the retiree taxed traps and the IRS has set? (Are your income taxes as low as legally possible?)
Are you protected from other retirement financial dangers that can actually cause you to lose much more than the IRS could ever take?  
Is your retirement security in danger if someone gets sick and needs long-term care?  Would that scenario wipe you out? (This is a serious problem that affects a high percentage of seniors!)
What about required distributions from retirement plans?  
Which accounts should you use and why?  
What kind of insurance should you now have?  
Do you keep or change what you have?  
Are you over insured and wasting money on needless coverage?  
Do you know how to figure out which financial choices will best suit your family’s situation?  
And most important; do you know if you will be likely to have enough money to live the way you wish for as long as you live?  

These are just a few of the questions you must have answers to!  If you don’t; you could be the next victim of the greedy IRS, or any of the other deadly retirement hazards waiting out there to snare you and your money!  If you even making one serious mistake, lookout!  After all, only retire once, so you cannot afford any mistakes!  You must make the correct decisions now and in the future!

Free webinar tells all!

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