Valicom Webinar Shows Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Lagging Behind in Controlling Telecom Costs

Valicom, a leader in telecom expense management, recently partnered with Aberdeen Group for a webinar showing how small to mid-sized businesses stack up to “Best-in-Class” firms regarding their approach to telecom cost reduction.
July 21, 2010 - PRLog -- Madison, WI (July 19, 2010) - As the economic recovery creeps forward, small to mid-sized businesses are still trying to squeeze every dime out of their revenue stream.  Often they do it by laying people off and forcing ever larger workloads onto the existing employees.  However, Aberdeen Group has researched how top-performing businesses save money by spending less on their telecommunications assets and services.  

Taking advantage of multiple research initiatives analyzing the differences between “best in class” firms, average organizations, and laggards who are doing little with regard to telecom expense management, Aberdeen shows where small to mid-sized businesses succeed and fail in controlling telecom and wireless costs.  

One key point in this 60-minute webinar is how “Best-in-Class” firms are controlling exploding telecom costs by using telecom expense management software deployed online,  via the popular “software- as-a-service” (SaaS) model.  According to Hyoun Park, the Research Analyst for Telecom Lifecycle Management at Aberdeen, "Aberdeen Group research shows the business value that mid-market organizations can achieve with on-demand telecom expense management (TEM) software solutions. This TEM technology can bring control, visibility, and cost efficiencies typically associated with large enterprise expense management to mid-market corporations who have historically lacked the internal resources and expense volume to realize benefits."

This is a critical time to bring such information to the market, since many smaller firms have never needed to manage their telecom spend and may not be aware that low cost, web-based, rapidly deployable TEM software solutions are available to them.  Other firms may track mobile devices or wireless plans with spreadsheets that do not deliver the visibility and reporting features of a more robust telecom expense management software platform.  And in this case, simple ignorance or the lack of proper tools can be expensive, as bottom lines erode and finding new ways to control business expenses become critical.

The partnership between Valicom and Aberdeen grew from a shared concern to increase awareness of the variety of telecom cost reduction options available. By reducing operational costs, companies can keep staff in place and become more efficient in finding telecom savings.   As Nancy Peckham, CEO of Valicom, says “One of our core values is to educate the market as to the best practices of telecom expense management.  We also try to listen for where the needs are.  Seeing that many firms want to take telecom management in house, we launched our telecom expense management software Clearview as a software-as-a-service in February 2010.  We are working to bring awareness to smaller firms that there are solutions, like Clearview, that can be customized to fit their needs, not just those of large companies.” (Learn about Clearview -

As for Aberdeen, Hyoun Park states that "Aberdeen Group decided to partner with Valicom for this webinar because we saw how Valicom's customers benefit from an effective solution that addresses their needs."  

As part of Valicom’s role as a thought leader in the telecom expense management industry, the recorded version of the webinar “Can SaaS Solutions Lower Your Telecom, Network, and Mobility Expenses?” is now available via their website -  There is also an accompanying white paper "Can TEM SaaS Solutions Lower Telecom Expenses For Mid Market Companies?" -

For more information on Valicom, or about how telecom expense management software-as-a-solution (SaaS) can fit into your company’s telecom audit processes, contact Lacinda Athen at 608-227-0619 or  You may also view a demo of our telecom expense management software Clearview.

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Valicom is a telecom expense management organization, founded in 1991, offering validation of and control over telecom costs including voice, data, and wireless communications. Our average client saves over 30% on their annual telecom spend. Valicom offers a full suite of services including:

• Telecom expense management
• Wireless expense management
• Telecom audits
• Telecom expense management software
• Wireless Phone Management
• Wireline Phone Management
• Telecom Order Managment
• Telecom Inventory Management
• Telecom Invoice Processing
• Invoice Audit & Recovery
• Contract Negotiation & RFPs
• Benchmarking
• Cost Allocation (GL code tracking)

Services are delivered utilizing Clearview, our user-friendly TEM software platform. Clearview can either be used as a web-delivered software-as-a-service or as part of a comprehensive telecom audit outsourcing package.
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