Selecting the Right Fabric

Selecting the right fabric is very confusing because of the overwhelming and tremendous selections available. As you go over the different types of fabrics, the first thing that catches your attention is the splashy colors.
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June 4, 2010 - PRLog -- When you see how that work you start to gain interest in their textures and weaves. The options are just too many which is why being informed about fabrics is very important to have a sewing project that is successful.

Romina Abrigo Editor of the "Sewing Machines For Sale" website -- -- pointed out;

“…The fiber content of fabric generally determines how comfortable the fabric it once worn, and how you can properly take care of the garment”... Added Romina Abrigo

Below is a list of the types of fabric with its corresponding fiber content.

   Natural Fiber Fabrics- These include cotton, linen, ramie, silk and wool.

   Man-Made Fiber Fabrics- Examples are acetate and triacetate, acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyesters, rayon, and spandex.

   Leathers and Suede's

   Synthetic Suede's



Natural Fiber Fabrics

These are made from materials found and grown in nature. The fibers used come from silkworm cocoons, animal coats, leaves, and stems. These types of fabrics are recyclable and are biodegradable. In recycling, fabrics are shredded again to fibers, and re-spun into a coarse yarn before finally weaving or knitting them. The most common recycled fabrics is wool. Additionally, cotton can also be recycled and then created into mattress fillings, wiping cloths, and carpet backings.


This is popular for its appearance, versatility, performance, and comforts. Cotton is available in varied fabric weights, patterns, colors, prices, and weaves. Cottons basically come from seedpods of cotton plants. These plants are grown in places with warm climates with enough rainfall. Cotton fibers are carefully put to a boil to vary its length. The longer the length, the more expensive they are.


This is produced out of the cannabis Sativa plant. The process of making hemp starts by separating the fibers of the Sativa plant and then weaving it to form yarns and fabrics. The finest hemp fabric is produced in Italy. Hemp appears linen like and wrinkles easily.


This type of fabric is made from stalks of the flax plant, the strongest among all the vegetable fibers. Linen is two to three times stronger than cotton. Its fibers can range from two to thirty-six inches long. In making linen, the fibers are first spun to form a yarn, which is woven to become a fabric. This fabric comes in a variety of weights.

The lightest is the handkerchief, and the heaviest is the linen suiting. Because of its ability to absorb high amounts of moisture, linen is best for hot and humid climates. The more linen is washed, the more it becomes softer and smoother. The smooth surface of the linen is due to its natural wax content.


This is a soft, hairy fiber with almost similar qualities as those of linen. Ramie is frequently blended with some other types of fabrics either man-made or natural. Ramie also has a high luster and comes in a natural white color. Since it is quick absorbent, it is very quick to dry.


Known as the queen of all Textiles:, silk is a sensuous and luxurious cloth that is made out of cocoons of the silkworm. There are generally two types of silkworms namely: commercial or cultivated, and the wild.


This is a natural anima fiber that is made from animal coats. The fibers of wool can easily curl which makes it spongy because of the spaces it creates when it curls. Wool is warm to wear during the summer, and cool in the winter. It absorbs moisture and is water repellent, flame resistant, and it resists wrinkling.


This is a man-made fiber that is either 100% rayon or 100% cotton. Batik is created thru a dyeing process that is based from a wax applied to the fabric.

Batiste and Voile

Batiste is a man-made fabric known for its soft and semi-sheer characteristics. It can be polyester, cotton, or cotton blend. This type of fabric is very lightweight, durable, washable, and comfortable. This is used as under linings, or for heirloom sewing, but this is also ideal for interfacings, lingerie, and blouses. Additionally, voile is similar with batiste, only it is crisper and comes in a great variety of colors.

“…Choosing the right fabric is indeed overwhelming because of the many options you can consider. Take time to identify which fabric will work well before you finally decide to purchase…” Added Romina Abrigo

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