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What are Microsoft Points, why do you need them and whats the best way to get them? Find all that and more here.
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May 24, 2010 - PRLog -- Microsoft points are considered to be the virtual currency for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Market and Zune online store. The main aim behind introduction of these points is to eliminate the surcharge that is charged by the credit card companies for every small transaction you make. This is known as Micro Transaction process in the technical language. If you are interested to purchase a game or other goodies that are available according to a game which though cost you less you would be paying more as you would be even shelling out the extra money in the form of transaction fees.
In order to safeguard its customers and have a safe way of transaction, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft points program which has one common platform to every user across the globe. Every user from different parts of location can now purchase all the goodies related to their Xbox games with the help of these points. But, during the beginning stage you need to purchase these points in order to open up an account and have your points credited. This would again make you pay through your credit card. You can still purchase the Microsoft points without even shelling a penny from your wallet. You may be wondering how to get free MS points? Well the answer is simple.
There are many websites which offer these points and many other cashless points which you can redeem for particular amount which you can later transfer into your account. When you have enough amount credited into your account you can purchase Microsoft points which you can use to upgrade your game. You may still be wondering how these websites provide you free Microsoft points. The answer is very simple. All you have to do is register in their websites and be a member. You will be asked to confirm your email address before you can activate your account. Once you have confirmed your email address, you can now proceed to the next step from which you can earn money.
In the first process, you are required to click on all the advertisements that are present in the website. Each time you click on an advertisement, you earn cash which later on will be deposited into your account. For more information on this process, visit Now, when you have collected enough money to purchase the Microsoft point’s card, you can simply log onto the Xbox website and make a purchase for the required denomination of the points you wish to have. You can use these points to purchase the additional accessories such as maps, weapons, ammo and other goodies depending on the game.
You have purchased Microsoft points without paying for them from your own pocket. Now that you have understood how to get free MS points, get on the path to earn your free points and upgrade your game to enjoy the next level of entertainment. All in all, have a safe and cashless way to earn your Microsoft points.

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