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Are you looking for a natural product to improve your health? Are you tired of paying too much for medicines every year with negative side-effects? If so, you are not alone.
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Contact us for business plan training
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Dec. 19, 2009 - PRLog -- Are you looking for a natural product to improve your health? Are you tired of paying too much for medicines every year with negative side-effects? If so, you are not alone.

First Vita Plus products are so effective that it is considered as one of the fastest growing alternative health product in the world today.

Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, came up with a unique product that combines for the very FIRST time. 5 Power herbs from selected premium leaves of Moringa oleifera, Corchorus olitorius, Capsicum frutescens, Amaranthus Spinosus and Ipomea batatas.

First Vitaplus is packed to meet your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants an immunity enhancing phytochemicals. First Vitaplus is your vitamin-in-a-drink. It is easy to carry, quick to consume and great to taste. Best of all, it is 100% all Filipino.


- Anti-stress
- Anti-anemia
- Anti-Aging
- Regulates bowel movement, good for digestion, cleanses digestive system.
- Cleans urinary, circulatory, and digestive system
- Maintains normal blood pressure.
- Remedy for asthma, arthritis, insomnia, cardiovascular problems, nervousness, cardiovascular problems, skin problems, depression
- Enhances immunity against diseases
- Maintains and enhances your health, wellness and well-being
- Provides energy boost and stamina to fight daily stress
- Regulates, normalizes and balances the different body systems
- Rebuild weak bones
- Good for treating heavy menstrual periods, Menstrual cramps
- Good for Rectal bleeding
- Good for diabetic patients
- Good recovery for patients suffering from strokes.
- Good substitute for persons not eating vegetables or fruits.
- Good for the Skin and Eyes, for varicose veins.
- Good expectorant for getting rid of phlegm
- Removes toxins from the body, helps prevents ulcer.
- Remedy for Fever, Nausea, Stomach distress.
- Convalescence (gradual return to good health after an
illness or medical treatment or the period spent recovering).
- Aactericide (destroys bacteria)
- Remedy for colds, fever, nausea, runny nose.
- Aphrodisiac (something that arouses or intensifies sexual desire).
- Tonic (to feel stronger, more energetic, and generally
- Diuretic (causing increased flow of urine)
- Good for Urinary tract infection (UTI)
- Liver disorder remedy
- Nourishes Breast Fed babies, Lactagogue (Increases the
flow of breast milk for woman)
- Helps fight and prevent Cancer.

This is not only a fabulous product, but a business opportunity ripe for the picking! We are currently searching for motivated individuals interested in working together to build successful businesses and prosperous financial futures.


¤ Targetting to be one of the largest and fastest growing teams in First Vita Plus marketing!
¤ Most active sponsors dedicated to continuously fully support downline dealers through marketing tools and personal internet training.
¤ This site will list contact information of several First Vita Plus Global Business Consultants all prepared to provide closure support.
¤ Plans for monthly newsletter to provide nonstop updates of products and marketing strategies.


¤ Free requested access to your sponsors and the rest of our power team.
¤ Free Leads Program: We will provide free leads to you on regular basis in order to expand your target market.
¤ We do not know of a more aggressive and fastest growing MLM company than First Vita Plus, and we cannot imagine a better team than ours.
¤ We collectively share business advice to help you become successful.

Calling all Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, and Investors to be part of our distribution group to market FIRST VITA PLUS PRODUCTS globally. First Vita Plus, Featured in Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, Rated –K and Go Negosyo as one of the best dealership and distribution business now a days. Excellent Business opportunity for this coming holidays.


Attend our FREE daily seminar to know more about the business and products, Hurry!, magnegosyo tayo mga pinoy, para buhay ay umasenso..

To become a Global Business Associate and get wholesale prices and be able to earn commissions, you must purchase the First Vita Plus Power Pack. Aside from the nutritional value it provides, you can get the pack at a super-discounted price of P6999.00 (usual price: P8400.00). We will help you complete all documentation to sign you up with First Vita Plus as Global Business Associate.

Contact us with the following information and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Nationality
  4. Civil Status
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Profession
  7. Full Address
  8. Contact Numbers (including country code)

Call us now and experience boundless opportunities.

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Phone:   (63) 9394626079 (Philippines)
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FirstVitaPlus.COM.PH is an international independent marketing associate of First Vita Plus.

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