The Secrets About Home Security Pricing;

$99 Install is an attractive "low upfront cost", but over the term of the contract you can spend 3 to 5x more than buying the equipment and paying a lower monitoring fee.
Oct. 9, 2009 - PRLog -- The Truth About Home Security Pricing;

If you have shopped around for a home security system you have probably noticed many different price levels, contract lengths, and product offerings But found the overall end result is typically the same. You will pay anywhere from zero to thousands of dollars upfront, followed by a long-term monitoring contract, 2-5 years priced between $15.00 and $49.00... Have you ever wondered why there is such a price difference on the market?  I will explain to you the game…

Game of Numbers:

First of all the home security industry sale price is based on numbers and long-term profit. If the industry average is $39.00 per month on a 3 year contract, the company will charge you $1400 for service over the term. The average retail price for the equipment provided as a “$99 install” is generally valued under $300.00, for a net profit of $1,100.

Now, if you have ever traded in a car for a new… The first thing the finance department asks is, “what do want your monthly payment to be?” They will move numbers around to give you the least for your car, while matching the payment you want, in turn, you ignore the bottom line, but purchase anyway. The same is true in the home security market, if you want a shorter contract – your monthly rate will increase. If you want a lower monthly rate, your contract will be extended. Either way, the company looks only at the bottom line to get the monthly rate at an amount you will purchase, while you ignore the bottom line.

Lower Price Solution:

Buy the home security equipment upfront.  If you look at the math above, you can buy the equipment for less than the cost of the first year monitoring. Plus you can add additional equipment for extra protection for much less. If you shop around for monitoring you will find many other companies who are less expensive with no contract terms. for example, charges $14.95 per month if paid annually, and has never required a customer to enter into a contract, the customer can cancel at anytime.

If you look at the Abbra Wireless Home Security system – This system will cover 2 doors, 1 motion sensor, 1 keypad,  1 remote keyfob and 1 YEAR alarm monitoring service for $275… That is almost half of what the average person pays for 1 year of monitoring only.  If you choose to continue after the 1st year, $14.95 per month will be charged by NextAlarm.

Now, yes I am biased, as my company has been selling the Abbra wireless home security system for 5 years, but the numbers don’t lie… It is a much better price for a high quality security system, with the same end result, your piece of mind.

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