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What is mp3,mp4 or mp5?I think some of you heard the first one and the second one,but do not know the last one,our ePathChina write this article hope you can know what is mp5 player,then it is better for you to choose one that suit for yourself.
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June 29, 2009 - PRLog -- When you want to buy a media player online,you may find most website has these

catalog:mp3 player,mp4 player,mp5 player.But you know what is it?And the

difference between them?Ok,as an electronic wholesaler,our ePathChina hope you

know which 0ne is you want,then choose today i will tell you more

information about it.

MP3: is a kind of audio encoding, and now refers to playback MP3 music files to

the player, but also most of the population for MP3, MP4, MP5 collectively.
 MP4: is a use of MPEG-4 multimedia computer files format to store digital audio

and digital video-based. But usually now be interpreted as MP4 player, basically

nothing with the video players have been known as MP4. However, because of the

current functions of these players did not clearly defined, it comes with the

default screen is to meet the needs of video at any time. Need to remind you, it

can also be known as it is called PV. (Personal Video Player, personal video

player) can also be called the PMP (Portable Media Player, portable media

MP5: Following a large extent, MP3 and MP4 from the business after a concept

coined by the fact mentioned by MPEG-5 format does not exist. It is mainly from

Chinese manufacturers to launch a well-known video formats, it is also only part

of the domestic manufacturers recognized digital. Than the MP4 compared to the

most fundamental difference is the addition of network resources, the most

abundant RM, RMVB format, as well as more avi, asf, dat, etc.. As a result of

this distinction is also made consumers MP4 and MP5's a vague concept, in fact,

both refer to the video player. To sum up, is now the major players are still

divided into two types: pure sound quality MP3 and video MP4, basically the

machine-based music can be collectively referred to as MP3, and to see that video

was mainly for the MP4.

MP3 Detailed terms

    The mainstream of the current MP3 market, the light can be divided into the

amount of memory on the machine may bring their own memory and the largest

expansion of memory two. If the popular theory to RMVB, TV-OUT, CMMB mobile TV,

so a lot of letters of the alphabet, composed of terms for a "layman" is not

confusing like it is indeed a very difficult task. So for everyone we will

explain these common features to you one by one, as long as the basis for a

serious look at zero to ensure that the trainees can not be kept!

    1) audio formats

    Comparison of the mainstream of the current audio format: MP3, WAV, WMA,

AAC, OGG, FLAC, APE, of course, we are the most commonly used for the previous

several useful basically have to download songs. It should be noted that: OGG and

FLAC is a lossless double-music format, MP3 is the pure tone to show off the

importance of good quality weight.

    2) video formats

    At present, the network's more popular video format: MPEG-4, AVI, DAT, MPG,

WMV, 3GP, K3G, FLV, and now the most popular RM, RMVB format. Of course, the

object of focus of attention in this also need to be detailed. vb in rmvb means

Variable Bit Rate (can change the bit rate), compared with the previous

generation rm format to clear a lot of pictures, the reasons for the reduction of

the static picture of bit rate, can be Player RealPlayer software to play. Then

translated into user-friendly is that the current network can be downloaded to

the basic video of most of the format, if you buy a player does not support the

format, the future may want to convert the format will be much trouble.

    (C) MP3 explain common features

    1) memory

    Popular early 32M, 64M such a small-capacity MP3, but from 2008 onwards, if

a 1GB capacity MP3 is also the name of streets, then you can BS the capacity of

its pocket-sized too. Now the mainstream player in the capacity of the basic

positioning 4GB, of course, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity of the super-whether it

is necessary you need to look at the preferences of their respective. Of course,

taking into account the number of users will find the amount of memory not

enough, it will also set aside space to expand capacity, if that not enough

capacity, then add the last of the SD card is 4GB meet basic needs.

    2) TV-OUT

    TV-Out refers to the card's terms, it has the output signal can be connected

to the television-related interfaces. In other words, its role is to be used in

place of the basic DVD's. In fact, this role in many of my friends seem to be a

function of chicken, but since there is naturally a need for it. Now DVD drive is

a relatively cheap price, but taking into account the disk to see if Mr. or

audio-visual shop downstairs rent or to buy only the basic is very difficult to

avoid the cost versus the. However, the introduction of this feature can allow

users to download the network has the film, television or video can be home with

us to connect the TV, which is very convenient.

    3) FM launch

    Members referred to the basic FM radio all know, but the FM launch function

for the rookie a lot of it is very strange. In fact, it is a personal micro-radio

stations, can be Discman, MD, MP3 (including Apple iPod) and other portable

audio, video player audio signals into high-fidelity FM stereo wireless FM signal

transmission from motor vehicles or as the radio home receiver, you can enjoy

stereo music, so the music to a "great diversion of the course of events." This

feature is more appropriate car owners to use MP3 in the car a little on the high

side of the application to some.

    4) CMMB mobile TV

    CMMB, called the China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting, is the first set of

independent research and development-oriented multi-media vehicle or a handheld

mobile terminal systems. Currently involved in the mobile terminal for the

players, mobile phones, TV bar and GPS, but the scope of application is the most

extensive areas of player. From the beginning of 2008 during the Olympic Games

more into our lives, because it is not all cities can support, so you want to buy

the feature for the player friends also need to find out whether or not their

city will accept to the signal.

    5) TTS function

    TTS (Text-to-Speech) speech synthesis technology is referred to, also known

as text-to-speech conversion technology, or text-to-speech conversion system

means any combination of the use of computer text files into sound files, and

through the sound card, telephone multimedia devices such as audio card sound

output to the technology, a simple machine that is to allow text information to

"read" them. This feature is more appropriate student friend, in the past, can

only be used to listen to MP3 music, and now want to back to the ancient

fertility, which would place the text, can be recited as a form of fun.

Now,after this article,i think you know the basic feature of those media

player,and you know which one you need,whatever you want to buy,you can see it at

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