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When we using MP3 player to download songs,we need connected MP3 to computer,it is very vulnerable to infection virus,How can we defend this circs?Today our ePathChina will tech you.
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June 8, 2009 - PRLog -- What should we do when our mp3 player get virus?
In our MP3 player using the process, often connected to MP3 and computer files after the copy, this MP3 player is very vulnerable to virus infection, we should be following in terms of prevention.

1. Open the write-protect switch

If the MP3 player support a write-protect switch, and there is no written document to the device, it is best connected to the computer in pre-open write-protect switch, so cut off from the source of virus transmission.

2. To install the mobile version of antivirus software

Now more well-known antivirus manufacturers have introduced several kind
antivirus software,it is  specifically for MP3, flash memory and mobile hard drives used in mobile devices. Of course after install the mobile version antivirus sofeware, we have to upgrade the virus database in time so as to be nipped in the bud.

3. Change the directory contents manually

If your MP3 player is not write-protect switch, but also do not have a mobile version of antivirus software, then there is a relatively simple way to prevent the virus from the invasion.Creat a name of "Autorun.inf" file in the root directory of MP3 Player by the following hand tools through Notepad , so some of the virus will not be able to go to the root directory of MP3 player automatically generates the following "Autorun.inf" file in the future, and can not be illegal dissemination by mp3 player. Similarly, this method of HIV prevention also applies to mobile hard disk. The method can prevent the majority of low-level virus, but if they are prepared by high-level hackers virus, anti-virus application of other methods.

4. Application of specialized software format if has virus

Even these measures, sometimes can not completely avoid the phenomenon of infection in MP3 players. how to do if our MP3 post-infection ? At this time we must note that in the absence of processing of the virus prior to the MP3 will not connect to other computer use, because that may cause cross-infection, the spread of the virus to further expand the scope of .

At this time we have to do is format MP3 player to deal with, in the process of formatting, it is necessary to pay special attention to choose the correct file format. In addition to manufacturers with as much as possible the use of the format program (generally a random CD manufacturers or website are available), or may occur after the MP3 format can not use.
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