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In Asia, particularly in China, a majority of people believe in feng shui. Feng Shui literally means wind (fens) and water (shui).
Feb. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- According to Oriental belief, feng shui is an art and science developed in ancient China where it reveals the balance of energy and nature and how these can be maximized in our world. Feng shui also deals with the attraction of positive energies while warding away bad or negative ones. The balance of energy also brings good health, prosperity, and happiness to those affected by it. The belief in feng shui and feng shui items has long been practiced not only in China but also in many parts of the world. Various cultures have their own adaptation and many have different sets of customs and traditions directly and indirectly related to feng shui.
Feng shui items are the different items that encourage the balance of feng shui and energy. With certain items being placed in different places in the house, for instance, would generate and attract positive energy to bring its dwellers good health, good harvest, and generally good fortune. Feng shui items are not only those placed as objects in a house or building. Feng shui items may also be worn by a person or kept near so the good effects of feng shui can be had everywhere the person goes.
In many countries, even the concept of beliefs and faith has long affected the way we dress and accessorize. For example, many people wear jewelry laid with lucky gemstones or lucky feng shui items. Accessories and jewelries like necklaces, jewelries, rings, and even pendants have been made to carry lucky feng shui items or precious stones. These jewelries and accessories take the form of different precious stones as well as shapes and figures that are considered lucky. Feng shui items are those objects which represent the lucky symbols and shapes of feng shui, thus, attracting positive energy to the wearer.
Here are a few examples of feng shui items and tips on how to use them. These items attract positive energy to the place or person who has it. Visit for more Valuable and Interesting Information.

1. Lucky Dragon
The dragon is a symbol of authority and power. A dragon symbol is best worn as jewelry or placed on the wall (left side when facing the room’s door). It is important that the dragon does not point to a door or window as it would symbolize the positive energy to be going out.

2. Lucky Elephant
An elephant is a good feng shui item. The trunks of the elephant must always be turned upwards as it symbolizes the trumpeting of good news. Elephant pendants are great to be worn at all times.

3. Double Lucky Charms
These are feng shui items which are made up of two circular items which can be made in precious gemstones. Wear it as a jewelry piece or as a keepsake in the wallet or bag.

4. Natural Quartz Crystals
Quartz crystals are known to bring good luck and positive energy. Examples of these are rose quarts or clear crystal quartz which can be worn as necklace pendants

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