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Consumers are now taking charge of their own health and wellness by managing their laboratory testing with the help of direct access testing.
Feb. 21, 2009 - PRLog -- The tremendous upsurge in national media attention on online lab testing without a prescription has prompted companies providing direct-to-consumer laboratory services to form an organization of DAT’s to establish standards of excellence and assure high quality screening services along with the low cost. This organization is In a few recent published articles, we see a growing trend of online lab testing without a prescription

Baby Boomers 2009:

This year’s number one new year’s resolution for baby boomers is to take more control of their current healthcare situation. By definition the baby boomer is a person who was born during the post World War II “baby boom”. We are now in the digital age and healthcare is integrating itself into this digital technology. Baby boomers that are looking forward too continuing their quality of life will be using online technology to better mange their personal health. Personal Health Record services are one of the largest growing businesses in healthcare and along those lines; private online lab testing will follow the same path of growth. No longer will you have to spend time waiting in the doctor’s office to have your blood work drawn for you general check up. Baby boomers are educating themselves to the common lab tests ordered and are saving themselves time, deductible $$’ for patient visits and a better turn around time on their lab results. Today’s generation X and Z will be doing the same as their baby boomer parents as they understand the power of the internet and to this generation, time qpgfh is money.

A recent article for online lab testing without a prescription in the “Wall Street Journal”

Aches & Claims: Ordering Up Your Own Medical Tests By Robert J. Davis

CURIOUS ABOUT your cholesterol but too busy to go to the doctor? A growing number of people are using direct-to-consumer lab services, which let you order your own blood and urine tests for everything from allergies to the AIDS virus. The process is quick and easy, but interpreting the results can be tricky without a doctor's help.

Several companies, including Quest Diagnostics Inc., HealthcheckUSA and Direct Laboratory Services Inc. offer direct testing. In some cities, you walk right into a testing facility and place your order. Usually, though, consumers log onto a Web site and choose from a menu of tests for disorders such as diabetes, Lyme disease, hepatitis and prostate cancer. You also can find out about kidney or liver function, check levels of calcium and other minerals and even screen for recreational drugs. Combinations of tests are offered, too, with names like "women's health profile" and "comprehensive wellness profile." Customers are then directed to a lab in their area where the test is done. Results are sent via mail or e-mail, often within 48 hours. The price typically ranges from $20 to $150, though certain combinations can push it past $500. Insurance doesn't cover the bill. Because the results aren't sent to a doctor, they're not part of your medical record -- an advantage for those who want to protect their privacy.

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