Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Have Eloped

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt eloped and wed secretly. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but romance has blossomed once again!!
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's Wedding
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's Wedding
Nov. 29, 2008 - PRLog -- It seems a bit odd that the infamous camera hogs Heidi Montag, 22, and Spencer Pratt, 25, chose not to have a big blow-out wedding. The couple, who have been dating on and off for years, finally tied the knot on November 20, 2008 in Mexico.

Not even Heidi’s father Bill Montag was invited to Cabo San Lucas to walk his daughter down the aisle. When asked about it, Mr. Montag seemed fairly distraught. After hearing the rumors of the two eloping, Bill told People magazine, “I would be upset if she got married and didn’t invite me!” When asked what would happen if the story were true he responded, “Then we just have to have another wedding here!”

Fans of The Hills’  stars don’t have to be down in the dumps about missing the star couple’s wedding, it is said that the ceremony will be shown on an upcoming episode of the series. In fact, the two are having their honeymoon filmed as well.

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People magazine gets the scoop from the show’s executive producer, Liz Gateley. "MTV is currently filming Heidi and Spencer in Mexico, as we were expecting to capture them on vacation," Gateley, told MTV. "Fans will be able to see the exclusive footage from the ceremony in an upcoming episode, and we will continue to follow the newlyweds' relationship as it plays out in real life."

Though The Hills is currently taking a break from promotion, this news should at least allow loyal Hill-sters to take a deep breath. Last season’s finale left it up in the air on whether Heidi and Spencer were really engaged. I guess we know the answer!

The nuptial news leaked out on Monday, November 21, 2008, when Heidi told gossip king Perez Hilton about the couple’s elopement. She said that she and Pratt were wed in the fabulous Palmilla Resort right outside of Cabo San Lucas. According the Heidi, the ceremony was beautiful. “The minute we said our vows, I couldn’t stop crying.”

While Heidi is crying tears of joy, she may want to watch out for ex-BFF Lauren Conrad. The relationship between Heidi and Spencer is what apparently tore their friendship to shreds. But what is a reality show without some sort of boyfriend drama?

While family and fellow celebrities were a little shocked by the news, others thought that it was a wonderful idea. “They obviously adore each other and are very committed to one another,” says Audrina Patridge. “I do think it’s very romantic that they eloped.”

Just because The Hills is not currently in production, it doesn’t mean Heidi and Spencer lovers are going to have to wait until next season to see their favorite stars in action. Surely, if you put on E! or another celebrity entertainment show, you’ll spot the pair. They also plan on making some guest appearances. Look out for Mr. and Mrs.Pratt’s on CBS. They are going to guest star on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother in January of 2009.

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