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The future of artificial intelligence holds unheard-of breakthroughs in every industry, from transportation to healthcare . Through autonomous system, personalized experiences, and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence will transform industries by acquiring human-like reasoning, creativity, and emotional intelligence. Its progress will be guided by ethical considerations, guaranteeing responsible AI deployment for the good of society and promoting a peaceful coexistence between humans and machines.

1. Narrow AI

Narrow AI, also known as artificial narrow intelligence or weak AI, describes AI tools designed to carry out very specific actions or commands .

2. Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial general intelligence , also called general AI or strong AI, describes AI that can learn, think and perform a wide range of actions similarly to humans.

3. Artificial Superintelligence

Artificial superintelligence , or super AI, is the stuff of science fiction. It's theorized that once AI has reached the general intelligence level, it will soon learn at such a fast rate that its knowledge and capabilities will become stronger than that even of humankind.

4. Reactive Machine AI

Reactive machine are just that - reactionary. They can respond to immediate requests and tasks, but they aren't capable of storing memory, learning from past experience or improving their functionality through experience.

5. Limited Memory AI

The Core of limited memory AI is deep learning, which imitates the functions of neurons in the human brain. This allows a machine to absorb data from experience and "learn" from them, helping it improve the accuracy of its actions over time.

6. Theory Of Mind AI

Theory of mind refers to the concept of AI that can perceive and pick up on the emotions of others. The term is borrowed from psychology, describing humans' ability to read the emotions of others and predict future actions based on that information.

7. Self-Aware AI

Self-aware AI describe artificial intelligence that possesses self-awareness. Referred to as the AI point of singularity, self-aware AI is the stage beyond theory of mind and is one of the ultimate goals in AI development.

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