"Babylonokia" Internet Sensation: Clarifications and Corrections

Artwork Babylonokia clarified: Falsely labeled an 800-year-old cell phone, it's a 2012 pop-culture creation. Learn the truth behind the media sensation
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OBERHOFEN AM IRRSEE, Austria - Dec. 26, 2023 - PRLog -- Oberhofen am Irrsee, Austria - December 25, 2023 – This press release aims to clarify the context surrounding the artwork Babylonokia, which was falsely portrayed as an 800-year-old cell phone due to global media coverage.

In 2015, a photo of an object inscribed with cuneiform on Facebook sparked significant interest and speculation. UFO expert Daniel Muñoz mistakenly identified the object as an archaeological artifact from the 13th century AD, clearly indicating a confusion of epochs before and after Christ.

The attached graphic illustrates how Daniel Muñoz, due to confused thoughts, arrived at the misleading report. It shows Muñoz's inability to categorize the era in which cuneiform was used and differentiate between epochs before and after Christ. Babylonokia (https://babylonokia.blogspot.com/)

As if that weren't enough, the lack of knowledge in correct subtraction adds to the narrative. The actual difference between 2015 AD and 1300 AD is 715 years, not 800 years, as claimed by Muñoz. Among the numerous newspapers reporting on the "800-year-old cell phone," only the Iraqi publication "IRAQI DINAR" correctly recalculated.

Although Iraqi Dinar News also propagated the astonishing misinformation, it was the only newspaper worldwide that at least calculated correctly. In their report, they mentioned the discovery of a cell phone only 700 years old. (References can be found documented in the blog of cultural phenomenon researcher Cor Hendriks)

This series of miscalculations led to a sensational report about the discovery of an 800-year-old cell phone, presented in a video on the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible as alleged evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization.

It must be clarified that Babylonokia is not an 800-year-old cell phone but a contemporary work of pop culture art from 2012. The confusion arose from a misunderstanding of the historical context, and we acknowledge the necessity to correct this misinformation.

The Babylonokia story highlights the ease with which rumors and misinformation can spread on the internet, emphasizing the importance of exercising caution and refraining from premature conclusions in the face of new information.

We appreciate the interest and attention this story has garnered but urge the public to consider this correction to ensure accurate reporting.

Karl Weingärtner
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