Science and religion which is the source

The book proves the source of science and religion. while science emerged from ancient religions, namely hermeticism why does it contradicts religion?
Science Religion
Science Religion
ATLANTA - April 13, 2022 - PRLog -- Modern times and technology have caused most people to distance themselves from science and religion when it comes to the philosophy of existence, creation and life. No one cares anymore about who we are, and what is the purpose we serve. Somehow chaos has returned to our lives, and we have lost all value of life and existence and have been swept away by the current of modern entertainment, which literally means that we are losing the most valuable thing in life, which is time.
But few of us who have a nourished mind and soul continue to search for the truth of existence to define life. They cannot accept what modern science proposes, that conscious man evolved from an unconscious being and that this vast, amazing cosmos came into being from nothingness through nothingness to serve nothingness. This simply contradicts consciousness, mind, and simple logic.
Unfortunately, religion failed as well, It mixes truth with myths, history with legends, faith with superstition, and thus contradicts science and intelligence. We cannot propose that God created everything, starting with space and time, and then confined Him to His own creation by putting Him in the space and time He created. We cannot give God a body of matter when He created all matter. Before there was existence, there was only God, then God created this existence and started with space and time so that time cannot accompany Him and space cannot surround Him.
If science is right and man emerged from a monkey, then he evolved into a wild being who then developed a brain, consciousness and communication intelligence. Why did this primeval creature need a religion, why does the concept of God exist, why did it feel the need to explain its existence. The belief in God existed before man walked this earth and may still exist after man has disappeared from the earth. No imagination and no reality will bring a being that evolved from animals to create religions and gods.
But because people are arrogant and think they are better and smarter than their own Creator, they invent their own religions and doctrines. However, if we look back to ancient times, we will discover that the ancients truly understood religion, creation and life. Therefore, even though we know that the Hermetic texts are the origin of modern science, they can give us wisdom that transcends modern science.
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