Paving Way to Success in The Digital World While Fighting Ad Fraud: Faisal Abidi Gives Aways Tips for A Thriving Online Business

Faizal Abidi a serial entrepreneur, director, and co-founder of RNF Technologies ( a creative tech house offering brand solutions) is a well-known name in the tech universe for his notable contributions to the tech industry . In the latest news, after looking at the rising digital frauds and scam cases, Faisal shares his actionable insights for businesses to tackle the dark side of the online world.
Rnf Technologies
Rnf Technologies
WILMINGTON, Del. - March 30, 2022 - PRLog -- The pandemic upended the entire business world and flow while making digital operation a mandate for every company in order to survive. As much as it proved to be a boon, it was also a bane. Rising frauds, scams, and internet spams also created a gap between business and reliable marketers while adding a hiccup within the process.

Former Google and British Telecom employee Faisal Abidi, an entrepreneur and co-founder of RNF Technologies, a full-service creative tech house, and digital marketing company, address the issue with an attempt to restore trust in digital practices.

After 12+ years in business, scams and fraud are something that he saw to be very common. The instances are so frequent that it has somewhere been normalized and people expect them to happen. Not only is this disturbing but it further causes businesses to trust professionals.

Another issue is that these scams seem to affect smaller businesses more. Studies have shown that around 77% of cyber threats impact small to mid-size enterprises. These kinds of threats can be discouraging enough for companies to hit a plateau or quit. In the context of such scams, Faisal Abidi accepts discrepancies within the industry that will probably take a long time to fully recover from with a futuristic action plan. However, being a part of the same community, he urges businesses to become practical while making their decisions based on facts rather than on instincts.

To overcome fraud and spams, Faisal Abidi and his team swear by tactics such as re-marketing campaigns, targeting ads on verified websites, working with an ad verification company and using anti-fraud click tools, etc.

Having experience in several tech-driven ventures, the former TEDx speaker aims to improve the virtual business standards through his expertise and advisory capacity of his proficient team.

About Faisal Abidi:

Faisal Abidi is the Co-Founder and Director of RNF Technologies. He co-founded other ventures, namely Phonato Studios, Resourcifi, and FNR Technologies. Starting his career with Google followed by British Telecom, now an entrepreneur, marketing, and tech enthusiast have contributed to the business world through his expertise in branding and developing anti-fraud and anti-scam tech solutions.


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