Solar UV Treatment of Covid-19 by Nanoparticles?

A single dose of Moderna is shown to contain a number of nanoparticles that provides UV intensity comparable to solar UVB on the Earth's surface.
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PITTSBURGH - July 21, 2021 - PRLog -- The Covid-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are highly successful providing > 90% efficacy. Both differ from traditional vaccines by not including inactivated virus spike proteins. Moderna includes mRNA that decodes the spike protein within the cell, but the mRNA is a fragile molecule and fractures upon passing through the cell wall, the problem resolved by encapsulating the mRNA in lipid nanoparticles (NPs). Moderna use 80 nm NPs while Pfizer does not specify NP size. Regardless, NPs pose another problem.

NPs conserve body heat by emitting EM radiation depending on size at levels beyond the UV that can inactivate, or at least degrade the mRNA thereby precluding the synthesis of the spike protein antigen before ever reaching the cell. EM radiation is shown produced by the theory of simple QED based on the Planck law of quantum mechanics which conserves body heat by EM radiation instead of increasing NP temperature. What this means is the mRNA in Moderna most likely has nothing to do with > 90% efficacy, a conclusion that may be extended to the DNA carried by Pfizer or any molecule in other vaccine carriers.

Therefore, the UV from NPs alone is somehow eliciting > 90% efficacy to Covid-19.

In 2020, a Covid-19 treatment based on NPs producing UV radiation was proposed to BARDA whereby only patients tested positive having the live virus in their bodies would be treated to at least avoid vaccinating the entire World population. Similar to the mRNA creating the antigen in the body, the UV emission from NPs only needs to inactivate a few virions in the patient that then act as the antigen to elicit Covid-19 immunity for inactivating the remaining virions and future infections. However, the high efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna for patients tested negative suggests the NPs alone have nothing to do with the patient having the Covid-19 virions in their body.

Recently, the spatial distribution of COVID-19 cases and deaths was correlated with the amount of solar UV radiation at the Earth's surface. While the statistical outcomes do not give a specific cause-effect relationship, solar UV is known to synthesize 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) in the skin basal epidermis to produce Vitamin D3 which is converted in the liver to 25(OH)D the Vitamin D circulating metabolite. The kidneys convert 25(OH)D into bioavailable 1,25(OH)2D known to elicit immunity by promoting regulatory T-cells which elicit Covid-19 immunity. The argument for solar UV therapeutics is supported by > 90% of Covid-19 deaths being correlated with Vitamin D3 deficiency. Vitamin D3 protects against infectivity based on deficiency in 25(OH)D correlating with positive Covid-19 testing.

In this regard, the 2020 NP treatment of Covid-19 was revised to simulate solar UV by NPs. Unlike Covid-19 virions which are in low concentration in the bloodstream even in patients tested positive, the 7-DHC is present in the subdermal skin directly exposed to the UV from NPs in the contiguous arterial and venal capillaries as shown in the Figure.

Solar UV must pass through the epidermis before reaching the 7-DHC in the basal sub-dermis, and therefore is less efficient than UV from NPs in nearby capillaries. Similarly, UV lamp therapy offers Covid-19 protection and should be implemented in nursing homes for the elderly, but NPs alone delivered by inhalation may be feasible for the World population. Over the very large skin area of patients, the synthesis of Vitamin D3 by UV from NPs is significant. A single dose of Moderna is shown to produce a large number of NPs that provides UV intensity comparable to the solar UVB intensity on the Earth's surface.

But the downside of UV from NPs are side effects of DNA damage to muscle and brain neurons which must be controlled by limiting the number of NPs in a vaccination dose. The CDC should determine the minimum NP dosage necessary to provide high efficacy while minimizing side effects with the FDA assuring quality control of NP size by manufacturers.

Moderna having 80 nm NPs and similar Pfizer vaccines should provide high efficacy against the Delta variant, but may require an additional dose. Recurrent doses of NPs alone will require inhaler development..

At the very least, UV from NPs may very well explain Pfizer and Moderna's > 90% efficacy, but further research is required. How the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccinations is enhanced by UV from NPs is presented in a 20-minute Video.

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