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Osteopathy and Pilates are two different methods to treat muscular skeleton complaints amongst other issues.
BARCELONA, Spain - July 1, 2020 - PRLog -- Osteopathy falls under the banner of manual therapy in Barcelona and Pilates tends to fall under the banner of physical exercise and rehabilitation. Although they are very different techniques in how the treatment is carried out, these two methods have a lot in common.

One of the main similarity is that both Structural Osteopathy and Clinical Pilates view the body holistically and manage injury prevention and rehabilitation treating the body as a whole rather than treating a specific area. Both osteopaths and Pilate's instructors must have a good understanding of the anatomy and bio mechanics to be able to perform their roles.

Osteopathy and Pilates use optimal movement to create new body memory and improve overall wellness. These newly learnt ways of moving have a direct effect on the body to reduce pain, manage pain and stress, improve movement and awaken muscles that have become dormant.

It is recommended to combine Osteopathy and Pilates for quick and effective recovery. As a Pilate's instructor I often choose Pilates exercises for my students and find that the students cannot performed them correctly as part of the body is blocked or misaligned. For example; if a student lifts his or her arm above the head and the shoulder is blocked the shoulder will use an incorrect muscle chain to facilitate this movement. A blocked shoulder, staying with this example, may also provoke other structural elements such as the shoulder blade or collar bone to engage when it is not necessary. Until these joints are unblock any misalignments cannot be properly corrected.

This is where osteopathy steps in. By using massage, mobility techniques and impulse, an osteopath can unblock or realign the joint allowing for freedom of movement and the correct muscle chain can be activated for each action. Osteopathy identifies the "weak link" and works to reactive it.

Osteopathy and Pilates have become popular techniques in their own right during more recent years and are often recommend by doctors as a form of rehabilitation. This increase in popularity can be attributed to life as we know it. The comforts and lifestyle of living in the twentieth century with all its conveniences which has a negative effect on our bodies.

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