Castellex Adds Positive Air Pressure Feature to their Air Filtration Systems for Battling Coronavirus

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Coronavirus Covid 19
Coronavirus Covid 19
NEW YORK, N.J. - April 6, 2020 - PRLog -- Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise. In just a few months, it's spread from China to nearly every nation on the planet. We just recently surpassed 1,000,000 cases worldwide. Since the worldwide the spread of the Coronavirus, it's becoming fairly common to hear of large companies stopping the production of their goods and to begin producing masks, ventilators, or other medical supplies to help prevent the spread of the virus. Two companies, both from the UK, are both doing their part to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but in two different ways.

One UK Based Company Answers The Call

After a call from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, J.D., founder and chief engineer of his namesake company, immediately got to work designing a new ventilator. His team of engineers designed the completely new type of ventilator he calls the "CoVent" in just 10 days. Now, he's putting his production facilities to work making the new ventilators. The British government put in an order for 10,000, and company says that he will donate an additional 5,000 ventilators to the international effort to fight the pandemic.

This company and other companies should be commended for taking these steps to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It is truly going to take a worldwide joint effort before we can think about returning to our normal lives again. The selfless sacrifices that they are making in the face of a global catastrophe will undoubtedly save lives.

Castellex Fights Against The Spread Of Coronavirus

Castellex is a UK company that is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic in a different way. They specialize in NBC air filtration systems for bunkers and panic rooms. Their products can filter everything from nuclear particulate to mustard gas. Their products are popular with preppers and survivalists who insist on being prepared for a worst-case scenario. But they are also great for filtering everyday irritants like smog and dust. They have a complete line of filtration systems with something for everyone.

When the Coronavirus hit, Castellex shifted its production from NBC air filtration systems to strictly biological filtered ones. They also increased production in their production facility. While many similar companies increased their prices, some by 100% or more, Castellex remained committed to their customers' safety and froze their prices at pre-pandemic levels.

Castellex Air Bio line of filtration systems are specially designed to protect you from biological contamination such as in the case of COVID-19. One new feature that they've just added is the positive air pressure in the Air90 model. This means that the system pushes its filtered air out of the room creating positive air pressure inside the room. This ensures that airborne contaminants cannot enter the room through windows, under the door, or by any other means. Technology such as this has only previously been seen in military applications and hospital operating rooms. Now Castellex has made this technology available to the general public.

Two Different Companies, Two Different Approaches

These two companies are at the frontlines of the fight against Coronavirus but in two very different ways. Mentioned above company has focused his resources on helping healthcare workers stay equipped with enough lifesaving equipment that is needed to treat the increasing number of COVID-19 patients they are seeing. While Castellex is focused on preventing the spread of the virus by getting affordable, reliable, and easy to use biological air filtration systems into their customers' homes, businesses, and emergency bunkers.

Continue To Follow Safety Guidelines

It's important to note that while the Castellex Air Bio line of filtration systems have the highest HEPA rated filters available, they do not eliminate the need to take basic safety precautions. The World Health Organization, as well as government health agencies around the world, have announced that the best way to avoid COVID-19 is to practice good personal hygiene. Using hand sanitizer and washing your hands frequently, especially after going out in public is extremely important. Avoid unnecessary contact with public surfaces like doorknobs and shopping carts. A new phrase has entered our lexicon recently; social distancing. This means that when you interact with others you should remain at least six feet away. Making these small efforts can greatly reduce people's exposure to Coronavirus. So remember to wash your hands, and then wash your hands again! But also remember to keep your Castellex Air Filtration System plugged in and running.


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