Wuhan coronavirus: Are You Ready for the SHTF?

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Wuhan coronavirus
Wuhan coronavirus
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 28, 2020 - PRLog -- No one expected the death ships.

But in mid-October of 1347, they arrived in Messina, a Sicilian port. Twelve ships, loaded with cargo – and the Black Death.
And when the port authority officials stepped onto the decks, they saw something that horrified them. Nearly the entire crew of sailors was dead. And those left were clinging to their lives, covered in oozing black boils that ran blood and pus.
The authorities immediately ordered the ships out of their city. But it was too late. The Black Death had already sunk its teeth into the shores of Europe. And within five years, nearly one-third of the continent's population would be annihilated.

Twenty million people, dead in half a decade.

That's how fast a truly infectious disease can spread.

And in our day, they gain momentum even more quickly. After all, our world is much smaller than it was in the fourteenth century. Cars, buses, boats, and airplanes have cut travel times down to a fraction of what they were then.

And a disease can spread around the world before 'patient zero' even knows he has a problem.

Consider the case of China's current coronavirus epidemic. In little more than a month, over 3,000 people have been infected. Wuhan, the city at the center of the problem, has been completely shut down. But that hasn't kept the virus from winding up in Japan, Canada, and the US.

Fifty-six people are already dead. And the death toll is only expected to rise.

So, what would you do if cases of coronavirus started popping up in your town? Or, what if it was an even more deadly illness – one that hasn't even evolved yet?

The scary reality for all of us is that diseases are mutating faster than we can develop cures or immunizations. Could another Black Death be on the horizon?

No one expected the death ships in 1347. Will we be ready when the SHTF?

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "I'm ready. I've got my bunker stocked with food for a year, hundreds of gallons of water, and enough ammunition to defend me and my family against anyone who might want to harm us."

But are you sure that's enough? When disaster strikes, will you truly be ready?

Until you've put the 'rule of threes' into practice, the next catastrophe could take you out – even with every other precaution taken.

So, what is the 'rule of threes'?
You've got food stocked. And your water supply is good. But what about your air?
If the air around you is infected with a deadly bacteria or virus, then all the food and water in the world won't make a difference. Because you won't last long enough to use it.
And yet, when we're preparing for the worst, we often forget our greatest need. Air is life's most basic necessity. It's something we depend on every second of every day. Our bodies are always either breathing in or breathing out this insubstantial substance. So, how could we possibly undervalue the importance of clean air?

Simple. We take it for granted.

We've lived our lives surrounded by breathable air. We don't have to pick up an extra case on the way home from work. Like fish in water, we're so immersed in it that we fail to notice it. Until we need it.

But you can bet that when the S.H.T.F., you won't take it for granted any longer.

When your town's air is contaminated with the latest deadly virus… or when terrorists detonate a dirty bomb in a city near you… or when North Korea finally launches a nuclear or chemical attack against the heart of America…

Will you truly be prepared?

Or will you be sitting in a bunker with food and water – but no air?

This is why it's not enough to only prepare halfway. If you and your family are going to be prepared for the apocalypse, you need to make sure all your needs are met: Food, water, and air.

So, what's the best way to ensure you have the air you need when the S.H.T.F. ?

You need an air filtration system that can take contaminated air and purify it, transforming it into the kind of clean, breathable air you need to stay alive. Until your survival shelter has a nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) air filtration system, it's not a real survival shelter.

An NBC air filtration system has the ability to remove all known chemical agents, nuclear fallout, and biological contaminants. So, no matter what cataclysm occurs, you'll have the air you need to endure. Whether you're facing a chemical or biological attack, another pandemic like the Black Death, or something entirely new that mother nature hasn't even invented yet, an NBC air filtration system can keep your living space filled with fresh air.

And Castellex Air550 is probably the best one four-stage NBC filtration system on the market. It's been installed in numerous of nuclear bunkers, strong-rooms, and survival shelters – in both domestic and commercial environments. This is an affordable and easy-to-install solution that's within the reach of any concerned prepper.

And with backup battery power and a manual crank, you can be confident that you'll have the clean air you need for as long as you need it. Whether disaster strikes hard and fast or it's more of a slow burn, the Air550 ensures that you won't be caught off-guard.

As the latest coronavirus epidemic sweeps across the world, we're faced with one important question: When it comes to our doorstep, will we be ready?

Will we have the clean air we need to stay healthy? Or will we find ourselves in a secure bunker, surrounded with the food and water we need to make it months, but struggling with the deadly symptoms of a bacteria that we were powerless to protect ourselves against.
When the SHTF, will you be prepared? Or will you have everything you need to survive days and months – without the one thing you need to make it just three more minutes? Clean air.

Don't take a chance with your most basic survival need.

Order a Castellex Air550 today and ensure that you have pure air to breathe when the apocalypse comes knocking on your door.

Visit castellex.com for more details.


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