Are You a 21st Century Professional?

(Leadership and Management Development Trainer) "Perceptum Group" Announces Novel Approach to Helping People Develop 21st Century Professional Skills.
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21st Century Professionals
21st Century Professionals
SAN FRANCISCO - May 6, 2019 - PRLog -- Are you developing the knowledge and skills to be considered a 21st Century Professional? Do you have the level of motivation and confidence needed to be cutting edge and to lead as a 21st Century Professional? Do you understand how important it is to develop as a 21st Century Professional in our modern, high-paced, dynamic and evolving economy? At Perceptum Group, we specialize in developing 21st Century Professionals for leadership and management, so we have studied the traits, knowledge and skills needed to help people become effective 21st Century Professionals regardless of the company or organization. Why is this so important and why should you care?

First, the world is changing rapidly due to pervasive integration of technologies which allow superior efficiencies that were never before possible in, for example, transportation and processes. Also, we have better access to meaningful data through analytics, and we have much faster communication capabilities. People are expected to work faster, respond to challenges and opportunities urgently and to collaborate to solve unstructured problems using mobile platforms, digital resources and teamwork in a compressed time frame. 21st Century Professionals must be able to navigate the complex dualisms of things like market urgency versus time-consuming due diligence and inducing people to perform while providing properly timed support and all the while staying up-to-date with new market developments to enable timely responsiveness. This is a complex soup which is complicated further with multi-generational needs and variable operational styles peppered with the need to develop high-performance work cultures to retain talent and spur motivation!

Second, 21st Century Professionals, especially managers and leaders, more than ever, need to operate with high emotional intelligence in every aspect of their work. The modern workforce, comprised of largely Millennials, will not tolerate temperamental, rude, inconsistent and/or bullying-type managers or leaders. They will simply find a new place to work. This can lead to serious talent bleed which can damage any organization severely. So, 21st Century Professionals minimally: listen intently, are responsive to needs, provide clarity of expectations, lead by example (display self-motivation and confidence), provide meaningful formative feedback, hold people accountable with civility and communicate in a timely manner. The list is larger (see our blog at 21st Century Professionals…Who are They?) indicating that 21st Century Professionals must use a "whole-brain" approach to everything they do showing keen intellect and emotional management consistent with professionalism.

Lastly, are you adaptable and able to anticipate and navigate change productively? Can you help transitions occur so people can bridge to their new opportunities? 21st Century Professionals must be able to catalyze change and help people stay in "champion mode" (see our blog Are You A Champion Or a Victim?) as they experience change and transition. The pace of the modern global economy is blistering and the ability to be nimble is critical, both for managers/leaders, but also for anyone in the work culture. In addition, as artificial intelligence and robotics becomes more pervasive, people will need to re-tool and re-define their roles. 21st Century Professionals must also be intentional about staying current with, if not ahead of, technological changes impacting the markets. Nobody has the luxury of "waiting for things to happen" anymore, they happen too fast. In essence, you are encouraged to become a 21st Century Professional by upgrading your knowledge, skills and perspective. Become part of our cultural evolution by becoming more appreciative, productive and innovative professionals who are always moving forward!

Perceptum lives in San Francisco, California, but its clients are worldwide and service is available 24/7. To learn more about 21st Century Professionals, visit Perceptum's latest blog @ 21st Century Professionals…Who are They?

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