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(Leadership and Management Trainer)"Perceptum Group" Announces release of proprietary "Perceptum Transformational Learning System®" based on Neuroplasticity
By: Perceptum Group
Perceptum Group: Developing Leaders & Driving Success
Perceptum Group: Developing Leaders & Driving Success
SAN FRANCISCO - April 1, 2019 - PRLog -- After twelve years as the premier innovator in leadership and management training and development, the Perceptum Group announces the first release of its proprietary "Perceptum Transformational Learning System® (PTLS®)" based in the modern neurobiology of learning, neuroplasticity induction, the amplification of self-awareness and confidence, and evolving goals to achieve career and business success.

"The brain is not a hard drive, it is the single most dynamic organ in nature. It functions best and accomplishes most by constantly redefining and upgrading goals to synergize the user's emotional intelligence, cognitive knowledge and skill/abilities -- real success is not zero-sum competition, nor is it defined by artificial external norms. Humans did not evolve to solve a problem, they evolved to solve every problem. Real leaders face new choices, make certain decisions, and always do the right thing even when it seems risky and uncertain at first. The brain is wired to face the unknown undaunted. Why in the world would we teach anyone to fight against their best nature? PTLS® maximizes innate potential," says Michael Dunphy, Ph.D. Perceptum Managing Partner.

PTLS® will be made available to clients on a case by case basis, per a fully customized client-centric curriculum involving a carefully crafted menu of optimized and relevant content, whole-brain learning tactics, and modern learning platforms.

"Twelve years as Perceptum and a lifetime of research, innovation, and evaluation, that's what my partners and I bring to PTLS®," says James Thein, Perceptum Founding Partner, "the complexities of who and what we are as human beings and as contributors in society, are the drivers for our novel and effective learning paradigms. We literally reset brain coding to insure your people and your business experience success like never before."

A memory is not just a retrieved piece of data, it's like a fingerprint, in that a memory is inherently shaped by who we are and our experiences. So learning, that is whole brain-based, in essence creates integrated fingerprints that are clear, synergized and functional. The Perceptum Transformational Learning System® enables leaders, managers and people to productively transform attitude, confidence, motivation and level of engagement when applying new knowledge and skills to help their organizations and cultures upgrade for greater success.

Perceptum's website features the PTLS® introductory information, at Perceptum lives in San Francisco, California, but its clients are worldwide and service is available 24/7. Contact Perceptum online, at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium, or call 415.596.0337.

Perceptum Group
James Thein, Founding Partner


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